Santi Millán’s wife, Rosa Olucha, pronounces: “You don’t have to feel sorry”

Rosa Olucha, who has more than 20 years of relationship with the presenter Santi Millán, has used his social networks to defend himself from the attacks and jokes he is receiving after the leak of a sexual video of her husband and father of her two children with other woman.

Far from appearing angry or disappointed in her partner, Olucha has confirmed that the marriage maintains an open relationship.

Five stories are the ones that he has published on his official Instagram account, responding forcefully to all those who have criticized Santi Millán, who really is the victim of a crime against his privacy.

  • Good. I’m fine. You should ask how he is. He is the one who has suffered an attack on his privacy, which, by the way, is a crime. His intimacy. Yours and no one else’s.
  • You don’t have to feel sorry or support anyone. I am not a victim and there are no sides or properties here. Neither he is mine nor I am his.
  • For those of you who don’t know (and I’m sorry), there are many types of families. In ours, FREEDOM, RESPECT and TOLERANCE are the pillars on which we have built this project. We have walked many miles together and many apart, we have stumbled a thousand times, we have spoken when necessary, we have changed the pace when we are tired and for now, not so bad.
  • I am very lazy to see that at this point, consensual and private sex continues to cause scandals. Yes, gentlemen, people fuck. Inside and outside the couple. And I’m almost more lazy when it’s made public, most of them take pity on women with the classic “poor little thing she didn’t know” or “what an idiot who allowed it”. Catholic and patriarchal society shit.
  • The mainstream media sucks. You talk about these issues as scandals when in reality you should talk about crimes or simply keep quiet.

Santi and Rosa met in 2001 when they both worked on the program To Pel of TV3, where he was the presenter and she worked in production tasks.

Love arose behind the scenes and four years later, in 2005, Marc, the couple’s first child, was born. Ruth, the younger sister, came into the world in 2008 and a year later her parents decided to say ‘I do’.

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