Sandra Bullock is already one of the richest women in the United States; she won 72 million with a single …

Recently, an impending stock market crash has negatively impacted the finances of millions of people globally. However, Forbes has wanted to highlight a large number of women who have been able to grow their fortune with their talent, their entrepreneurship and their good financial decisions in the United States. In this way, seven new women have joined the exclusive Forbes 2022 list, which highlights ‘America’s Richest Self-Made Women’, building fortunes in various fields such as technology, private banking, fashion and film.

According to the parameters of this list, the ‘newcomers’ must have a minimum fortune of 215 million dollars, an amount that has been surpassed by actress Sandra Bullock, the most famous of the new members of this exclusive ranking. At 57 years old and with more than three decades of artistic career, Bullock has managed to occupy number 96 on this list by having a fortune, according to Forbes, of more than 225 million dollars (just over 214 million euros). Due to his successful career in traditional cinema and on the platforms of streaming in recent years, the actress has managed to raise an immense fortune.

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Although it is true that one of her most important roles was that of ‘Miss Special Agent’ (2000/2005), the truth is that the Oscar winner for ‘The Blind Side: A Possible Dream’ (2009) has become in the most successful actress on Netflix, achieving top 1 popularity with her films ‘Unforgivable’ (2021) and ‘Blind’ (2018). However, the role that significantly helped her increase her fortune was that of Dr. Ryan Stone in the hit movie ‘Gravity’ (2013).), where she also won a nomination in the category of ‘Best Actress’ at the Oscar Awards. In this film, the actress managed to perfectly negotiate her contract, given that she managed to take 15% of the film’s royalties plus the salary that they had previously agreed upon. In total, the actress managed to collect almost 72 million euros for a single film.

In addition, the actress has defied the laws of Hollywood by landing leading roles after the age of 50, a feat only achieved by the most renowned actresses in the industry such as Meryl Streep, Jennifer Aniston and Nicole Kidman. Sandra Bulluck reportedly raked in over €19 million for her latest film, ‘The Lost City’ (2022). Likewise, she has more than 57 million euros in real estate, including two properties in California: a mansion in Beverly Hills and one in Malibu; and a house in Manhattan, New York.

The actress joins this list in the company of six other influential women such as: Lucy Guo with a fortune valued at 440 million dollars, Patricia Gallup and Emma Greenboth with a fortune of 360 million dollars, Raquel Drori and Paige Mycoskie with 350 million dollars each and betty cohen with 230 million dollars, five million more than Bullock.

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