Rihanna has decided to raise her son in Barbados

Rihanna. / EFE

The singer wants her baby to grow up quietly, in her native country

On May 13, 2022, Rihanna gave birth to a boy in Los Angeles, but it seems that she intends for him to grow up in her native Barbados.

A source close to the artist has spoken to the Sunday Mirror newspaper about this and the two artists, Rihanna and A$AP Rocky, agree that they want their son to grow up in a quiet environment away from media life.

At the moment all this information is not official, especially considering that neither of them has reported that their first child has been born.

Also, perhaps Rihanna has decided to move away from the United States due to the incessant rumors about a possible crisis in their relationship. Apparently the rapper had been unfaithful to him with the designer Amina Muaddi, a friend of both, but this information was never confirmed.

This same source close to the couple has said: “They are very excited. Rihanna is doing very well, she was already a wonderful mother before giving birth». And as for the relationship, she adds: “They couldn’t be more in love and happy with this new chapter coming into their lives. They do not separate from each other and are on the Moon. They have been waiting for motherhood for a long time. Before Riri gave birth, A$AP would ask her friends for parenting advice. He wants to be the best possible father and continue to take care of his girl ».

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