Phraa, the Ecuadorian who has photographed Madonna, Maluma, Neymar, Karol G, Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck, Calle y Poché and Joe Jonas, tells about his surprising experiences in an exclusive interview | People | Entertainment

Your camera is your passport. Each photographic record that he has made has taken him to the next level in his career. With his lens he has captured different personalities. One of the first celebrities to trust his work was the Colombian singer Maluma. Since then, the list of characters has increased and his life takes place between the United States, Mexico and Europe, his next destination in the coming months.

Raynner Albawhom the entertainment world knows under the name of Phraa, is a photographer from Cuenca who has been living in Miami for four years and who has achieved that his photographs are considered for international publications, television media, campaigns of recognized brands and above all to make a space for himself in the most intimate circle of entertainment stars.

Some of the characters he has portrayed are Zendaya, Lewis Hamilton, Anitta, Eladio Carrión, Daddy Yankee, Diego Boneta, Jennifer López, Ben Affleck, Bella and Gigi Hadid, Donatella Versace, The Weeknd.

Daniela Calle and María José Garzón, the youtubers who are followed by their digital community as Street and Poche, were recently photographed by the Ecuadorian. The images of this session with the singers and songwriters have served to illustrate the official poster of the Amazon Prime Video documentary series, which will share various personal aspects of the life of the Colombians as well as their closest group.

This production will have eight 40-minute episodes and is expected to be available on the platform’s catalog in 2023. The documentary series is produced by Amazon Studios and 3Ball Productions, Latin World Digital, Dhana Media and Miracol Media.

“My first photo for @primevideolat with some of the first people who taught me that everything can be achieved if you have discipline, love, passion and win the risk of losing everything or winning it universally!” Phraa posted on her Instagram account.

Phraa explains that her relationship with the fellow authors began approximately 5 years ago. “I met them in Bogotá, they have also encouraged me, they have trusted my work a lot, we took these photos two days ago, and we delivered the work the same day, that is something that I always like, to be fulfilled, the photos were chosen by Amazon. They told me that the photos were going to come out for the next series and I told them about one. I did not know that my photos would have such an impact, I always let life surprise me, I did not fill myself with expectations, ”she indicates.

From his home in Miami, this newspaper connected with the 27-year-old artist, who also details what projects he is immersed in and what his immediate plans are.

“During these last two weeks many things have happened and something very cool apart from what has happened with Amazon, a campaign for Macy’s has come out together with my colleague named Sebastián Encalada, we did a campaign for Maluma’s latest collection, We have worked for soccer players. I am glad to know that the whole harvest is bearing fruit. We just work with paulo dybalawho is from Juventus, we work with Vinicius Junior who is the current Real Madrid Champions League champion, and we have worked like this with a lot of people, Karim Benzema (French soccer player), we have worked a thousand times, with several projects and I think that everything has its time”, Phraa shares with us.

Colombian singer Maluma and Phraa have worked together for four years. In addition to the great connection they have developed (capturing his day to day and accompanying him on his tours and projects), space has also been given to share work with other characters.

“I am working right now with many soccer players (Neymar, Paulo Dybala, Joaquin Correa), all of them are super calm, very humble, very calm, very creditable too”, says Phraa who has been linked to photography since she was 13 years old.

Shooting the stars has brought him closer to living legends like Madonna, the queen of pop, whom he met a year ago. “We did some photos for The Rolling Stone and we had a very short conversation in which he told me that she liked my outfit and my energy and I was very excited. She is very inspiring and when taking pictures of her, she is very detailed, she watches everything that is going on,” he says.

Colombian singer Maluma and pop queen Madonna, in one of the photos published by Rolling Stone magazine. Photo courtesy Phraa

“I met Ben Affleck and I have been a fan of Batman since I was little, so for me it has been something very big because we were just taking photos and video of a part of the movie (of Maluma and JLo) and I only felt that someone was behind me, I got up, I was looking at it and I began to edit the photos. He approached me and said: sorry for touching you, I was just taking the shot, because I also move people a bit when I take photos and we start talking about the cameras, and a friend later comes up to me and says: Batman kick your ass. This is an anecdote that I tell everyone”, he remembers laughing.

With his roots in Cuenca very clear, he recognizes that he has also become a citizen of the world. Although he lives in Miami, he spends little time in this city. It is common to see him between Mexico, New York and Los Angeles working on different campaigns. “Right now, in a month or a month and a half I am going to return to Europe because I am going to start working with footballers. I always take a tour because I like to make friends everywhere and you never know where the big door is going to open. With the footballers, I am going to follow them, get the best version of them in terms of image. Soccer players are also superstars and they try to show what they do on a day-to-day basis, not just in training. It is the same work that I did at the time with Maluma but with different characters, each one of them surprises you, ”he says.

One of the anecdotes he keeps with high-performance athletes was when he coincided with them at a party. “I met Neymar, Benzema, Dybala and Ronaldinho at the same time, I had them close by and that makes you value your work a lot, continue promoting not only my work, my house but also my country”, he emphasizes.

The actor Ben Affleck in a behind the scenes captured by the Ecuadorian Phraa. Photo courtesy Phraa

diverse artist

Phraa has not only focused on photography. He plays the piano, is passionate about literature and has been an athlete.

“I was a cyclist and triathlonist, I was a provincial and national champion, I started cycling when I was 10 years old until I was 16, in triathlon I was the second national champion. My dad has all of that framed around the house. I was a spinning instructor in a gym in Cuenca, I was a waiter in several restaurants, I have done a lot of things in my life. Many times when I go to sleep, I start to think about everything I have done, but life is turning me into a warrior, they are very big mountains that I have climbed, “he emphasizes.

Almost 40 pounds accompany him daily in his suitcase. His essentials: lenses, batteries, cameras. “I carry four cameras, apart from the GoPro, just in case something happens to one of them, I have always been cautious, apart from that I spend all day away from home,” he adds.

Ecuadorian photographer Phraa. Photo courtesy Phraa

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