Netflix: The shocking movie with Will Smith that you have to see this Saturday, June 25 before it leaves the catalog

As well as Netflix gives, also removes and although in June it brought us the first part of season 4 of stranger thingswill take some good titles and such is the case of “Seven souls”a film starring the -now- controversial Will Smith. The tape was released in theaters at the end of 2008 and is 123 minutes that invite reflection.

seven pound is its original title and it is important to point out that the director always kept what he expected in the film a mystery, Gabriele Muccino, also director of “The Pursuit of Happiness”, declared that “The (public) will not know exactly what this man is doing”.

What is “Seven Souls” about?

Ben Thomas played by Will Smith is a man who carries a secret that torments him, because he was guilty (recklessly) of the death of seven people, a situation that does not allow him to live fully, because among those people was his girlfriend . In order to redeem himself he looks for the same number of disgraced subjects whom he can help and he does so.

not to give spoilers If you have not seen this tape, we will tell you that the ending is really moving and that it effectively gives another chance at life to the people that he carefully chooses to alleviate the seven souls that he snatched.

“Seven souls” was a success at the box office as it managed to raise more than three times its cost, which was 55 million dollars and obtained 168 million 167 thousand 691. The reviews were favorable and the performance of Will Smith who recently won his first Oscar Award by “The Williams Method” was satisfactory.

The Netflix catalog will remove it on June 30 and it joins “Men in Black” which also saw its departure this month.

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