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The film career of Johnny Depp It has as many successes as failures. “Young Scissorhands”, “Pirates of the Caribbean” and “Who does Gilbert Grape love? are among his best works, but there was an adventure film with Angelina Jolie marked a before and after in his acting performance. Netflix added it to its catalog and the film quickly climbed to be among the most viewed of the platform.

In 2010 actor Johnny Depp received harsh criticism in specialized media for one of his productions. “The Turist” appeared as a tank Hollywoodhad nothing more and nothing less than two of the most popular actors of the time: the heartthrob, Deep, and the sexy bombshell, Jolie.

The thriller presents them both in their most seductive facet walking the streets of Venice, and although chemistry did not manage to transcend the screen, at that time there were no shortage of rumors that linked them romantically during filming even though Jolie was still married to Brad Pitt.

The protagonist of the story is Frank (Depp), an American tourist who travels to Italy to try to get over a breakup. But on that trip, she meets a woman as captivating as she is dangerous, Elise Clifton-Ward, played by Jolie.

She is a secret Interpol agent, he discovers her but does not expose her immediately, which creates risky situations for both of them and a handful of scenes that allow the actor to show himself in his funniest ringtonethe same one who knew how to explode with his successful character of Jack Sparrow, in the “Pirates of the Caribbean” saga.

specialized criticism smashed the film after its premiere in 2010, but the box office proved otherwise. With a budget of 100 million dollars, he ended up raising $278 million all over the world. Although, that was not all. “El Turista” was nominated for three Golden Globes although he did not manage to take any statuette.

Twelve years later, Netflix revived the film and added it to its international catalogue. In a few days, the production climbed to the top of the most watched and became one of the favorites of its users. A proof that the public is not always on the side of the critics.

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