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Tijuana, BC.- Baja California may be the most important medical reference in Mexico since it is a world leader in the application of bariatric surgeriesexplained the Undersecretary of Economy and State Innovation.

After a visit to International Institute of Metabolic Medicine (IIM), Rodolfo Andrade Pelayo highlighted the ability of the medical certifications that the different clinics in Tijuana obtain to provide care to foreign patients.

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“Everything that surrounds the issue of innovation in medical matters is impressive, it is an example of what we have in Mexico and that we have to promote it in an important way,” he explained.

US market attraction

Andrade Pelayo explained that beyond the best offer offered in Mexico compared to the United States, the specialty and quality provided by doctors and institutions attract the US market.

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“That is the most important thing, that you have the necessary certifications, the engineering and above all the knowledge to know how to do things, all these factors accompany the best offer in terms of prices,” he said.

The Undersecretary added that the talent of the professionals who graduated from Baja California institutions is enough to transcend in the medical area of ​​the region, enough to project the State to a high level of competitiveness.

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“We see it in medicine, biotechnology and in the areas of chealth sciences, medicine, dentistry and many branches where they have a lot of confidence in us and that has been earned with results and not with promotion”, he clarified.

The state official pointed out that Baja California is already a notable reference in the United States for medical treatments and bariatric interventions, since patients come thanks to good references.

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