Logan Paul reveals how he lost his friendship with Dwayne Johnson

logan paulthe controversial boxer and youtuber, talked about his friendship with Dwayne Johnson (better known as rock) and how the relationship between them was lost a few years ago as a result of an event that generated antipathy in the influencer.

Paul created controversy when, in Japan, he filmed a corpse. That event earned him countless criticism from the Asian country and also throughout the world. included a Dwayne Johnson who cut ties with him immediately.

“After Japan happened, I obviously found myself in a hole, rightfully so, that I had never been in before,” explained the man himself. logan paul on the podcast true geordie.

So much logan paul What Dwayne Johnson share the same advertising agency. The company itself was the one that transmitted that news to him by telephone.

“I got a call from my publicist, who also represented Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, and it was like, ‘Hey, Dwayne has asked you to delete all the photos and videos you’ve done with him,'” the youtuber himself wielded with over 23 million subscribers.

Since that event that took place in 2017 there has been no contact between them. In fact, Paul himself claimed that neither Dwayne Johnson Call him sometime to talk about what happened.

“I thought we had a healthy relationship, an open line of communication, and I was so sad that my hero wanted nothing to do with me,” she explained sadly.

logan paul He confessed that the event that occurred in Japanese territory was a “grotesque act” and that he is still carrying the consequences of what happened.

There was an approach of Dwayne Johnson to Logan Paul

The youtuber revealed that Dwayne Johnson approached him a few months ago through social networks. However, I decided not to reply to his messages.

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