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The defamation trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard continues. The litigation, which began on April 11, is scheduled to last six weeks in the Fairfax court (Virginia, United States). This Thursday, May 25, both actors have seen their faces again in his last court date.

the protagonist of Pirates of the Caribbean accuses his ex-wife of defamation for an article he published in Washington Post in 2018 after her divorce in which she referred to herself as a person with experience in what “domestic abuse represents”.

The artist asks the artist 50 million dollars for damages, while Heard, for his part, responds with a counterclaim in which he alleges that the actor has launched a defamation campaign against him and claims 100 million.

All this has led to a long legal process in which different graphic evidence has been provided, and various witnesses, former employees and friends of the couple They have declared to try to discern the behavior of both within the relationship.

Also, It is being a very media trial, both nationally and internationally, and followed live by different media and television channels, surpassing the audiences generated by the OJ Simpson legal process.

A surgeon analyzes the incident of Depp’s finger

The first witness of the day was Dr. Gilbert, an orthopedic surgeon specializing in the hand. The witness has analyzed the incident in which Depp lost the tip of his thumb on one hand in Australia. in 2016, during a confrontation with the actress. The interpreter assures that Heard caused this damage by throwing a bottle of vodka at him, but she denies it and affirms that he injured himself. This episode was covered in the previous session.

The expert has shown the plates that show the actor’s injury. “There was a fracture at the tip of the finger [de Depp]…So this was with some sort of blunt force. There is a high mechanism of injury”, he has told her, stating that the cut itself could have been caused by a broken bottle: “I think a vodka bottle thrown from a distance is more than enough force to cause this fracture and soft tissue loss.”

Gilbert has explained that, although it is impossible to know how the damage occurred, Heard’s account does not match the medical evidence presented. In his words, Depp’s version makes more sense.

After this testimony, the computer forensic investigator Julian Ackert has taken the stand, who has refuted the analysis of the metadata expert Bryan Neumeister, a witness who, after observing several photographs of Heard’s bruises, concluded that some of them had been edited. In the trial, images of the actress were shown again claiming that the marks on his face were being exaggerated.

Depp’s forensic psychologist refutes Heard’s expert

Dawn Hughesclinical and forensic psychologist call by Heard’s teamhas sat on the stand for the second time to refute Dr. Shannon Curry of Depp’s team. Both evaluated the actress before the trial, and her diagnoses are very different.

While Hughes said he suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder.Curry assured that it is actually a personality disorder, and both accused each other of misinterpreting the clinical results.

According to Dawn Hughes, it is a “myth and misconception” that PTSD victims are “unable to function.” “People struggling with trauma and post-traumatic stress are very strong peoplebrave and resistant, even if they have difficulties”, Heard’s psychologist has commented.

Johnny Depp.

Amber Heard testifies on her countersuit

Amber Heard has returned to sit on the podium to talk about his counterclaim with which he asks for 100 million dollars Johnny Depp for allegedly promoting a smear campaign against him.

Ben Rottenborn, the interpreter’s lawyer, has asked her about the effect that the statements have had on her. “I am harassed, humiliated, threatened every day. Even for the mere fact of entering this court, of sitting here in front of the world, that the worst parts of my life, the things that I have lived, are used to humiliate me … “Heard commented through tears.

“People want to kill me and they tell me every day”

People want to kill me and they tell me every day. People want to put my daughter [Oonagh Paige Heard] in the microwave, and they tell me. Johnny threatened me, he promised me that if I ever left him he would make me think of him every day I live…” she added.

Depp’s team has opposed these statements and has asked him in what sense these “threats” continue to “manifest”. “In the harassment, in the humiliation, in the campaign against me that echoes every day on social networks and now before the cameras in this room,” he has assured. “Every day I have to relive the trauma. My hands are shaking. I wake up screaming.”

Amber Heard at the 23rd session of the trial.

“I’m not sitting in this room laughing, smiling, making sarcastic jokes. I don’t,” the actress defended. “This is horrible. This is painful. And this is humiliating for any human being. Maybe it’s easy to forget that I’m human“.

“And even though Johnny promised that I deserved this and promised that I would, I do not deserve it. I want to keep going forward“, He has continued to explain. Later, Heard has maintained that “he woke up every morning with panic attacks” until he chose to do something with his “trauma”, such as give other people a voice.

“Even though I wouldn’t wish this situation on my worst enemy, if I give a voice to someone who doesn’t have one… But the way I am here today I can’t have a career, I can’t even get people to relate to me“, he assured. “I just want Johnny to leave me alone. I’ve been saying it for years.”

“Protecting the secret I did for so long has taken quite a bit of a voice out of me. Johnny has taken quite a bit of my voice. I have the right to tell my story“, he defended. “I hope to get my voice back.”

“I just want Johnny to leave me alone. I’ve been saying that for years”

“I haven’t lied about anything”

Speaking to Camille Vasquez, Johnny Depp’s lawyer, Amber Heard defends that he has not “lied about anything” of what he has said. At that time, the lawyer has made reference to testimonies such as that of her ex-friend, Rocky Pennington, who did not corroborate her statement about an alleged attack by Depp; or the manager of a trailer park they stayed at, which she said she didn’t recognize.

They have also mentioned the restraining order that he filed in May 2016about which he said he “had no idea” that the press was outside waiting for her. “I said I had nothing to do with it,” said the defendant. However, the lawyer has blamed her that she was “not at all surprised” because i knew they would be.

“Why would I want that? What survivor of domestic violence wants that?” Asked the actress, who also defended that she did not know why the American media also published the video in which Depp appears hitting the cabinets. However, a media worker stated that got the tip from a verified source.

The actor’s lawyer has shown proof, an image from May 27, 2016 in which she is seen dating her friend Jodi Gottlieb after requesting the restraining order. Also another from the next day with her friend Rocky of her published in the press on May 30, and no bruise was visible on any of them.

“I know how many people would come out of nowhere to support him”

Camille Vasquez has made reference to the alleged incident they had in 2015in which Heard stated that it reminded him of when Depp threw Kate Moss down the stairs, who testified on Wednesday and denied these facts.

“You didn’t expect Mrs. Moss to agree to testify that this never happened, did you?” the lawyer asked. “Incorrect. I know how many people would come out of nowhere to support Johnny…”, the actress of Aquaman.

Model Kate Moss intervenes in Johnny Depp's trial against Amber Heard.

“So is saying that Mrs. Moss had to ‘come out of nowhere’ to testify in favor of Mr. Depp?”, the lawyer asked in a tone of disbelief.

Heard has argued that in the 1990s and 2000s, many people had heard the rumor that Johnny had thrown his ex, Kate Moss, down the stairs: “That’s what went through my mind when my violent husband not only pounced on me, but also on my sister.”

According to the interpreter, he had not considered whether Moss would “appear” or not, and has maintained that “he did not care”: “It doesn’t change what I believed at the time when we were on the stairs and I thought I was going to kill my sister.”

Finally, Judge Penney Azcarate terminates the statements and presentation of evidence and has asked the jury to go home. On Friday, May 17, the final arguments will be produced and, after these, the jury will be able to deliberate.

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