Kim Kardashian revives the peep toe boots that were a trend in 2010

Yes kim kardashian has worn them, is it time to seriously fear? We refer to his last high peep toe boots which she wore during a special event to launch her beauty brand, SKKN.

television personality, kim kardashian, she was photographed next to Chris Appleton, her main hairstylist. In the catch, she wears a strapless dress metallic effect and wide leg opening; as the only complement, some peep toe boots below the knees that combined perfectly with his dress.

Kim Kardashian revives the trend of peep toe boots

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With a monochromatic look, inspired by her platinum hair tone that she released a few weeks ago, Kardashian fully welcomes one of the trends most announced, but little commented: peep toe shoes which are not at all strange in the era of hybrids such as the sock-boots or the moccasins-boots popularized by Steve Madden.

You will immediately distinguish them by their tip that emulates the shape of a flip flopsone of the most inexplicable, but real designs of the 2010, so much so that Google searches when entering ‘peep toe boots‘ throw up questions like ‘what’s the point of the peep toe boots?’ between the questions asked by the users.

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