Julio Urías aroused the admiration of fans with the imposing car he drives in Los Angeles

The MLB League is one of the most popular in the sports industry. So much so that television broadcasts generate millionaire profits, so it is not strange that teams pay very high salaries to maintain the podium of the best. Among them is Julius Uriahthe Mexican baseball player who swept away his talent at the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Currently, the Mexican left-handed pitcher has a salary of 7.2 million dollarswhich is added to the list of commitments paid for image, sponsorships and investments, which represents for Julius Uriah a true fortune capable of paying for the most unusual whims.

Julio Urías in the last season.

And following this line, Julius Uriah agreed to the purchase of a Honda CV-R car that was remodeled to his liking to make it a model similar to the cars in movies like Fast and Furious. According to the images that emerged, the one born in Culiacán left aside the classic style to obtain the car of his dreams, which stands out for speed and design.

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