Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 welcomes Indiana Jones and Darth Vader; Now available

Yesterday the Collision of fortnite battle royalewhich ended Season 2 of Chapter 3, and as usual hours later Epic Games has already unveiled the new Season 3 episode 3entitled Coolwhich is a celebration of summer with characters like Indiana Jones, Darth Vader or the return of the bolonchos, and that is already available on all platforms. You can see it below in their first two trailersboth the cinematographic and the gameplay:

Good vibes: The news of Chapter 3 Season 3

“In the Chapter 3 – Season 3 of Fortnite: Good vibes, the island has become a huge party. Bounce non-stop down Cascades of Reality, ride creatures, show your bravery in the The Flying Ball roller coaster and have fun with a new arsenal. Take the jump to Season 3 and spread the good vibes!”

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 Good Wave

The Tree of Reality has flourished on the island and in the process has formed a new biome, called Reality Cascades. It is a lush forest full of mushrooms, bouncing mushrooms and purple trees. When you’re not investigating its flora, you can swim under the waterfall, search the cavern for loot, or shoot yourself into the air with the geysers.

Fortnite Waterfalls of Reality

The Tree of Reality has scattered seed pods of reality. Plant a Reality seed to get a Reality sapling, which will grow in the same place game after game. Every time you weed your sapling, it will give you a more valuable bounty. If you pick up a Reality Seed when you already have a sapling planted, throw it and the sapling will teleport to that location. When your sapling wilts, plant the seed you drop.

come back the bolonchos, those spherical vehicles that were already available in previous chapters. Now you won’t just roll like before, but you can hook onto surfaces. To celebrate, ride La Bola Voladora (a super-safe attraction) and live a fun high-flying experience. The baller has received a number of updates since last time, and now has more health, floats on water, and is battery powered. When it runs out, you’ll have to find another boloncho.

Bolonchos return to Fornite

Bolonchos are not the only way to enjoy speed, and now you can jump on itWolves and boars to ride about them. You won’t have to get down to fight. You can shoot and throw weapons while riding on your mount.

boar mounts

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