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Now we will see very differently the scene in which the protagonist of the tragic love story decides to part with the jewel.

in the end of titanica, an elderly Rose (Kate Winslet) approaches the ship’s rail and, with a sigh, throws away the priceless necklace her fiancé Cal gave her when they were getting married. It is a scene that is not very well understood and makes even less sense after knowing that That piece of jewelry you’ve been saving for decades and then getting rid of costs exactly $474,983,886.. Almost 500 million left at the bottom of the sea forever.

It is the result of a study carried out by the insurance company confused, where they have analyzed the most valuable jewels from the movies and have given them the estimated price they would have in the real world. How do they know that the so-called Heart of the Sea – at least that’s how they refer to the necklace on the ribbon – could cost that spectacular figure?

‘Titanic’ necklace was inspired by a real diamond and is said to be cursed

The iconic necklace that Rose wears in the James Cameron film is inspired by the Hope Diamond, also known as the Blue Diamond, Cursed Stone or Hope Diamond. Just like the one in the movie, it’s a stunning 45.52-carat blue diamond that was created in the 17th century. It is considered one of the most valuable pieces of jewelry in the world and it is said that a curse weighs on it.

Diamond Photography: David Bjorgen

On the left, Rose wearing The Heart of the Sea. On the right, a photograph of the jewel she is inspired by, the Hope Diamond.

Based on the tragedies that have befallen its different owners, the Hope Diamond has been building the legend that it harbors a curse. It is said that it started when she was stolen from a temple in honor of the goddess Sītā. Without going into superstitions, the truth is that whoever has worn the necklace has suffered all kinds of hardships. Here are some small stories that occurred to the owners of the jewel:

– The first owner was Jean-Baptiste Tavernier, a French adventurer who, after selling it, went bankrupt and fled to Russia, where he froze to death and his body was devoured by vermin.

– King Louis XIV, new owner of the necklace, died unexpectedly. His death spread the idea that the jewel caused misfortunes to whoever had it. In fact, it happened to belong to Louis XV, who decided to keep it in a chest and pay no attention to it.

– It came into the hands of Marie Antoinette, who lent it to the Princess of Lamballe. We all know that the fate of the queen of France, together with her husband, was the guillotine and, curiously, the princess was also murdered at the hands of the enraged population that provoked the French Revolution.

– And the list goes on. The necklace was in the hands of the Hope family for a long time -hence the name- and, although it cannot be the sole effect of the jewel, the truth is that they also experienced unexpected deaths and various economic hardships. When the diamond came to Francis Hope in the late 19th century, he tried to sell it because it was in bankruptcy, but could not do so because he needed the permission of the court. She finally got rid of him in 1901 and, a year later, he divorced his wife.

It is currently on display at the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of Natural History and is one of the most visited gems. At the moment, the curse does not seem to affect anyone who dares to cast an eye on it in the museum.

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Why does Rose throw it into the sea?

If it is such a valuable jewel, why does Kate Winslet’s character throw it into the sea after decades of keeping it in storage? Wouldn’t it have been better to pass it on to her granddaughter so she could live comfortably the rest of her days?

Watching the film, the meaning of Rose’s gesture has a lot to do with the name of the jewel, The Heart of the Sea. The necklace returns to the place that belongs to it and the protagonist closes a stage. That same night she dies peacefully, having said goodbye to her from her old version of herself. However, if we take into account that curse that she is attributed to in real life, it is possible that in the universe of the tape she also exists. After all, Rose lives a tragic love story after receiving the necklace and Cal, who had bought it, survived the shipwreck, but later he was completely bankrupt and committed suicide after the crisis of 29. Perhaps Rose did not want her family to suffer any harm by possessing the necklace..

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