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A few days after the outbreak of the judgment in which the actor Johnny Depp accused his ex-wife Amber Heard for alleged defamation, things seem to return to their place for the protagonist of “Pirates of the Caribbean.”

All this occurs after, in 2018, the actress wrote an opinion piece for The Washington Post in which he claimed to have been a victim of domestic violence.

And despite not mentioning the name of the alleged person responsible for his suffering, everyone associated him with Johnny Depp, whom he had divorced in 2016.

Why was Johnny Depp fired from “Pirates of the Caribbean”?

According to La Vanguardia, one of the points that Depp highlighted in his lawsuit against Amber Heard was his alleged responsibility in the actor losing his character. most important of recent times, that of “Jack Sparrow” in the “Pirates of the Caribbean” saga.

Johnny Depp put the town he bought in 2001 up for sale

Thanks to the rumors that spread immediately after Heard published his opinion piece as a “survivor of domestic violence”, the actor’s career took a nosedive, between criticism, attacks and contract cancellations.

Among those who took away the support of the actor was Disneywho decided to cancel Johnny from his role in “Pirates of the Caribbean”, despite the fact that his interpretation of Jack Sparrow was the one that consecrated him as one of the characters most iconic of the house of entertainment.

The image of Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow reappears at Disneyland Paris

Now, after a jury in the state of Virginia, USAruled in favor of the actor, concluding that Amber Heard “defamed him” and acted “maliciously” against him, luck smiles on him again.

As reported by La Vanguardia, this weekend Johnny Depp’s face was shown again as “Jack Sparrow” at the Disneyland Paris theme park, as confirmed by several users in social networks.

In the videos spread, you can see the images of several films emblematic of the “Mickey Mouse House” projected in one of the castles, and among them, the protagonist of “Pirates of the Caribbean” reappeared, four years after Disney removed its support for the actor.

Will Johnny Depp Play Jack Sparrow Again?

During the trial against his ex-wife, the actor’s lawyers questioned him about how he felt after he was fired from the character, to which the actor replied:

I was shocked (…) Captain Jack Sparrow was a character that I built from his roots, and it was something that I got very involved in (…) Also, working on those films with the same people, having put a lot of my own jokes, rewriting scenes, dialogue, whatever. I didn’t understand how, after such a long and quite satisfying relationship, certainly for Disney, I was suddenly guilty until he was proven innocent.

Johnny Depp

Later, Amber Heard’s lawyer questioned the actor about an alleged case in which Disney came back to him, offering him 300 million dollars to play “Captain Jack Sparrow” again, to which the actor replied that neither for that amount would go back to work with Disney. (AND)

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