Diego Aguirre described as “atypical” to start with a Final, but he wants his first title

the era of Diego Aguirre with Cruz Azul he begins tomorrow against the two-time Mexican soccer champion Atlas, and for the Uruguayan strategist it is strange to start his process with a final, but he sees it as the ideal opportunity to boost his management with the Machine.

“Facing the champion is nice, making it official makes it more real, it is a match for a cup and we must do our best to try to win and give joy to the fans of Blue Cross. It is a bit unusual to start a process with a final because it is usually the other way around, but we are going to play it to win it and it is time to play our best game, obviously starting a cycle like this would be wonderful but we are prepared for the players to give the maximum and then we have to see what happens, hopefully we can have that achievement, “said Aguirre.

On the other hand, the new driver recognized that pressure exists in football and more so in a team with the greatness of Blue Crossbut he said calm thanks to his experience.

Diego Aguirre will be in charge of his possible first title with the Machine

“Pressure is always in a big team, I don’t know any other way to feel it and even more so when there is a game that is a final, we are very eager, with a good attitude on the part of the players and generating links that are good, it is also logical that there are uncertainty in terms of performance but I have to see it when playing, “he mentioned.

Regarding the role that will play Santiago Gimenez During his administration, Diego Aguirre called for the youth squad to become a benchmark for the team and change his status from promise to reality.

The first duel of the Aguirre era will be against the champion Atlas

“One of the obligations I have is to get the most out of all the players, in the case of Santi Giménez I think he is still very young and with many conditions, he has shown me in this short time that I have had a tremendous desire to succeed, so my intention is to support him and try to make him an important player in the team, then it’s up to him to earn that place and confirm all the conditions he has, it’s time for him to become an important player, it’s time for him to be a reality,” he said.

When questioned about the lack of reinforcements, the Uruguayan helmsman considered that they have taken too long to integrate the squad, but he is confident that there will be news soon.

“We have worked a lot with Jaime Ordiales, sometimes it is not easy for reinforcements to arrive because negotiations can be complicated and we try to be as responsible as possible and we do not want to make mistakes. Perhaps we are a little late but surely in the next few days we will have some additions”, he concluded.


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