Did Amber Heard stab James Franco in Pineapple Express for real? The script reveals the truth

A almost a month after Amber Heard lost her mind for defamation against Johnny Depp the actress’s detractors continue to cause a trend in social networks against her and now the harassment focuses on a movie where she stabbed James Franco.

Since this Friday, users affirmed that the 36-year-old actress did not continue with the script in the movie ‘Pineapple Express’ and his improvisation caused James Franco a wound on his back with a fork.

However , there are those who defend Amber Heard and they mention that she would not be capable of doing this type of aggression.

Did Heard really stab Franco?

The campaign against Amber Heardfor causing an alleged back injury to James Francoit is false .

Since within the movie ‘Pineapple Express’which was directed by David GordonGreen and which premiered in 2008, has this crisis scene on the script, as well as a stab with the fork to Frank by Amber while there is an argument in the kitchen with seth roden.

Therefore, the complaints of users on social networks have been dismissed, despite the fact that on the scene, both James Franco What Amber Heard they are screaming in fear, as if something had gone wrong within the recording.

However, it was all part of how brilliant both actors are, while they are on stage and especially once the filming aired.

This statement could be resolved, after the script of the film is available on IMSDb, where all of the above is established and above all, where it is clarified that Amber Hearddid not suffer from a “psychotic rage” as pointed out by a user on the Reddit social network.

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