Daughter of Daniel Bisogno prepares to “work” in Ventaneando | News from Mexico

MEXICO CITY.-Daniel Bisogno is one of the most experienced drivers on television, thanks to his daily participation in the renowned show program: Ventaneando.

The driver is one of the most controversial and active figures on social networks, where he constantly shares part of his day-to-day life and even the “outfits” he uses for each program.

It was through his Instagram stories that the driver released unexpected news, because showed the talent that her daughter has to work with the production team of “Ventaneando”.

In one of the publications shared by Daniel Bisogno, little Michaela can be seen wearing headphones and giving instructions to the drivers on what to do in each of their participations.

My Michaela growing up in this since she was born” can be read in the publication.

In the recording, the minor receives and listens to some of the advice given by the production team to help her begin to understand this work despite her young age.

And it is that according to Since she was very little, Bisogno has begun to involve her in that fear, so that she can learn a little about what is done behind the scenes, maybe in the future he can dedicate himself to that.

Daniel Bisogno and Pedro Sola criticize Camila Cabello

A couple of weeks ago Camila Cabello was the victim of criticism and negative comments about her body, being photographed by a paparazzi while wearing a bikini, where she looked natural.

In the Ventaneando program, the drivers Daniel Bisogno and Pedro Sola made their comments where they came to buy it with Chiquis Rivera.

“Chiquis is better shaped. Chiquis is much better in body shape and everything,” Bisogno commented.

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