Cristiano Ronaldo to Roma? The audio on whatsapp and the Olimpico booked on June 29th. The point

In Rome, on the Giallorossi side, enthusiasm is skyrocketing. An unidentified audio on whatsapp audio from mobile to mobile is enough to dream big: will Cristiano Ronaldo really be a Roma player?

“He signed, he signed, in Majorca in great secrecy, we are there” is heard in a voice note sent several times. In another she hears: “I confirm, I confirm, the name is that, it’s Christian, so let’s get ready”. There are even those who also hypothesize the date of the official announcement: it would be Wednesday 29 June with Roma who would have booked the Olympic stadium for a presentation in style.

All true? Not at all. From what we have gathered, there would be no confirmation on this. Market experts such as Di Marzio and Romano of Sky, up to Pedullà, at present do not even deal with the subject. Either Rome, understood as management, has conducted a sensationally secret negotiation as with Mourinho, without leaving traces for the main insiders, or we are in the presence of a hoax.

The only certain data, at the moment, are the odds of the bookmakers. The arrival of CR7 in the Giallorossi had already dropped from 16 to 9 in recent weeks, up to 6 times the stakes on Sisal. The favorite option, reports Agipronews, however, remains the confirmation at United, at 1.20, while PSG, Real Madrid and Sporting Lisbon are given at 12. For the Mundo Deportivo, the Spanish sports daily, there would also be Bayern Munich in the race to Ronaldo. To date, however, there would be nothing concrete for CR7 at Rome.

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