Cristiano Ronaldo at Juventus: the announcement that clarifies everything appears

Cristiano Ronaldo has always moved the transfer market. In recent days, there has been talk of a resounding return to Juventus

There Juventus is expected from a session of transfer market very important to bring the Bianconeri back to the roof ofItaly.

Cristiano Ronaldo © LaPresse

This is the declared objective, the priority also heralded by Massimiliano Allegri in the finale of last season. And which now should translate into salient opportunities on the negotiating tables. We talk about people of the caliber of Paul Pogbacloser and closer to the return, e Angel Di Maria. But not only. Because in the last few days too Neymar and even a resounding return of Cristiano Ronaldo have popped up on the horizon. Now comes an announcement that sheds light on the fate of the Portuguese.

Cristiano Ronaldo-Juventus, the return is not to be done

Matthijs de Ligt's future is now hazy
De Ligt © LaPresse

An unlikely, if not impossible, track that would bring CR7 back to Juventus. The reporter talked about it Ivan Zazzaroni to the microphones of ‘Tutti Convocati’, broadcast on ‘Radio 24’: “Could Cristiano Ronaldo return to Juventus? But no, that’s a shit about my friend Caressa who said on the radio a few weeks ago. It is impossible for him to return to Italy“.

The desire to leave the Manchester United for CR7 it appears evident. In the background there is the possibility Sporting, which is a real hypothesis. He, however, would prefer to play at a high level there Champions League: that’s why he would rush to the Bayern Monaco. At the moment, however, only denials arrive from the Bavarian club.

Zazzaroni also exposes himself on the future of Paulo Dybala: “He had several problems, then when he found some condition he played, however he had lost his centrality at Juventus. No one is interested in taking it, at the moment, apart from the Marotta Football Club, although it is now focused more on Lukaku“.

And also the future of Matthijs de Ligt now it is nebulous: “The problem is that it costs 120 million euros of clause. The player wants to leave. If this offer arrives from Chelsea or from Manchester United for the Dutchman, Juventus will certainly take him into consideration ”.

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