Chris Pratt canceled for a declaration of love to his wife that went very wrong

Marvel actors are well loved and known worldwide. Although some are more famous than others, the truth is that they all have their fandom and one of them is Chris Pratt. The interpreter is the protagonist of Guardians of the Galaxy since he gives life to Star Lord, a character with whom he won the hearts of many and which he will personify again for a third installment.

However, now, fans of Chris Pratt they were offended with the actor for an unfortunate comment which, it should be noted, was taken out of context. For years, the artist was well loved and respected in the industry, so his last post on his Instagram account surprised more than one since it is a declaration of love that, apparently, came out very wrong.

In 2019 Pratt married the daughter of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Katherine, with whom he had a daughter who is already one year old and is called Lyla María. Therefore, in order to thank this beautiful family, the actor began by writing: “guys, seriously, look how he looks at me. Find someone who looks at you like that. We met at church. She has given me an amazing life, a beautiful and healthy daughter. She chews so hard that sometimes I put on my headphones so I don’t hear her.”.

And, even though the love letter continues, all of Chris’s followers were left stranded on the phrase “He has given me an amazing life, a beautiful and healthy daughter.Which is where the controversy lies. This is because many believe that it was a comparison between his little girl and the son he also had with his ex-wife, Anna Faris, with whom he was married for nine years and conceived Jack Pratt.

the firstborn of Chris Pratt He is already 12 years old, but he was born prematurely and suffered a cerebral hemorrhage during childbirth. As a consequence of this, at present, he has slight physical disabilities and, for this reason, that phrase of the actor was strongly criticized and repudiated in the networks to the point that many decided to cancel it.

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