Chris Hemsworth and the nude scene

    Marvel continues without letting us breathe between one project and another, We see ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’, ‘Moon Knight’ arrives, the latter ends and we run into ‘Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness’. When this happens and we’re catching up with ‘Ms. Marvel’, the god of thunder is coming to theaters. ‘Thor: Love & Thunder’ are big words. Basically because he is the only original avenger who is still, let’s say, active in the new phases of Marvel. After two very weak first installments, Waititi revived the Asgardian hero through humor and for their second adventure together he has added the Guardians of the Galaxy, bringing back Natalie Portman as the Mighty Thor and Christian Bale as a villain.

    However, since the first trailer came to light, the only thing that has been talked about, apart from the physical appearance of Russel Crowe and his Zeus, is the nude on the screen. If Marvel has never been good at romantic plots, much less sex (that of ‘The Eternals’ we don’t even think it counts). Even less the nudity, the hot moments that, if Disney continues to expand the variety of its offer, have to come in the same line of content (more adults). Perhaps, beyond a very careful business strategy, there is simply what Waititi has said, that not doing a Thor nude “would be a crime against humanity.”

    chris hemsworth nude thor love and thunder


    Except surprise, that pixelated trailer will not be in the movie. In other words, millions of viewers will see what makes Tessa Thompson’s Valkyrie and Natalia Portman’s Thor blush, as well as making half of Olympus lose consciousness. Now it has been Chris Hemsworth himself who has talked about this unique nude scene in the MCU. During the Los Angeles premiere of the film, Thor commented on his impressions after seeing, along with hundreds of people, his butt on the big screen. In statements collected by Variety:

    I had that experience on ‘Rush’ many years ago. But this is a Marvel movie and it was a very big screen, a very large pair of buttocks.

    Jokingly, the actor continued…

    It’s been 10 years to get to do this scene, a kind of personal dream. The first time I played Thor, I took my shirt off and thought, ‘You know what’s going to sugarcoat this…a decade from now, everything else is going to come out.’

    Director Taika Waititi reaffirmed his intentions with the scene, that of simple generosity to the world:

    I feel like we all talk about it in the offices, ‘Yeah, we have to show this body.’ Chris works so hard you have to show it. You don’t cover everything with those suits and capes.

    ‘Thor: Love & Thunder’ will hit Spanish theaters and a large part of the world on July 8.

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