Britney Spears reveals why she didn’t invite her family to her wedding

Britney Spears mentioned in her Instagram post an interview her brother Bryan gave to a podcast and made fun of the fact that he mentioned that her family never had bad intentions with the singer but also painted her as an incompetent adult “incapable of doing dinner reservations,” so they couldn’t just let her be herself and therefore sought to continue mentorship.

“None of you wanted me to end (the tutelage), because you all loved telling me what to do and treating me like I was nothing. What you said at that time to that man in the interview said it all, Bryan! You were never invited to my wedding. Do you really think I wanted my brother there, the one who told me he couldn’t have a whiskey and coke for four years?” Britney pointed out.

The singer acknowledged that at age 40, drinking alcohol makes her sick or sends her straight to sleep and she feels a little “bitter” for not being able to have fun like before. She however she pointed out that she might try to drink tonight.

“Maybe I’ll force myself to drink whiskey tonight and stare at the moon and say FUCK YOU. Plus… I have an assistant who makes my dinner reservations. Didn’t you know that?” he wrote before giving his brother the hell out one last time. time.

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