Brad Pitt opens a new judicial front against Angelina Jolie

The actor has accused his ex-wife of harming his wine business by selling his share to a Russian businessman with “ruthless tactics”.

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Miraval’s property, which is now a source of contention, was the scene of their wedding in August 2014.


They have been fighting in court for six years and the fight continues. First it was to achieve a custody agreement for their six children And now that that part has been settled – the judge awarded Brad joint custody – the actor returns to sue his ex-wife for the vineyards they both acquired in 2008 in the south of France.

In October 2021, Jolie sold her part of the Miraval castle and vineyards and Pitt accused her of doing it secretly and illegally, since both had agreed not to sell without the consent of the other, for which he sued her in February of this year. . Now, the actor has gone further and has just provided new documents in which he claims that the sale was made with the intention of intentionally “inflicting harm”, since it was made to a stranger – the Russian vodka businessman Yuri Shefler – who employs “ruthless business tactics and has professional associations of a dubious nature”, as stated.

brad pitt angelina jolie

The ex-partner has had a very problematic divorce.

The actor asks that the sale be annulled

Miraval was precisely a witness to their wedding in 2014, since, as Pitt’s lawyers explained, it was a wine project in which both were passionate and their pink champagne has become one of the most prestigious in the world.

Nevertheless, success is attributed to Pitt, who accuses his ex-partner of “not contributing anything” and on top of that, with the sale, it damages the reputation of the wine business by “forcing” the actor to associate with a stranger with “pernicious intentions.” At the moment, Brad requests compensation for damages and that the sale by his ex-wife be declared null.

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