Ariana Grande turns 28, the first as married

  • The American singer celebrates her birthday on Saturday, June 26

  • She married Dalton Gomez on May 16 of this year in a secret wedding with only 20 guests.

  • With six albums released and numerous awards won, she is one of the most admired pop artists in the world.

Ariana Grande She is one of the most popular artists in the music scene due to the success that the young American has accumulated in such a short time. She also succeeds on Instagram, where she has more than 240 million followers and is the second most followed person on this social network, after Cristiano Ronaldo. This week he has shared one of his latest songs and this Saturday, June 26, he celebrates his 28th birthday.

He is the first to live as a wife, since he married Dalton Gomez a little over a month ago. the of Florida He did not want to have a wedding in style, but it was a much more intimate ceremony. Their secret wedding only had 20 guestswho went to the house where the singer lives in The Angels. The couple had already been engaged five months before the marriage took place.

Dalton-Gomezwho doesn’t even have public social networks, is a Californian guy who works as real estate agent in a major company in the sector. He was the one who helped Grande find her current house, although they both already knew each other because shared the same group of friends. Prior to this relationship, Grande had been through other without much luck.

On a personal level, the American singer had not done as well before as in music. Even though this marriage with Dalton-Gomez Be the first, it’s your second engagementafter the one he had in 2018 with the humorist Peter Davidson. That relationship ended just four months after announcing the wedding.

The breakup coincided precisely with another event that could have affected the artist quite a bit: the death of her ex-partner, rapper Mac Miller, due to an overdose. In her previous love episodes, Ariana Grande had already had courtships with other singers, but they hardly lasted either.

Meteoric career and recent successes

He has fared much better professionally, especially since he became known throughout the world between 2012 and 2014. At the age of 19, he recorded his first album. study, Yours Truly, with which he gained worldwide recognition. Her songs were so successful that she was awarded as breakout artist by the Music Industry Association. From there, your meteoric career Until now it has been successful.

so much that Ariana Grande is compared to Mariah Carey by some critics. She has now released six albums in total, earning her numerous prestigious awards to become one of the world’s most admired pop artists. She and she is only 28 years old. Her last performance was uploaded to YouTube on June 21, a video live performance recorded together with Vevo in which he sings the theme povfrom his latest album positions.

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