Are Tom Cruise and Paris Hilton a couple?

It is true that in the world of entertainment everything is possible. But the idea of ​​Tom Cruise and Paris Hilton having a relationship, outside of fiction, sounds far-fetched. However, technology, makeup and a good interpretation made it possible to see this pair of celebrities together, and in a romantic attitude.

The impersonator Miles Fisher did his thing again and shared a new video, from his TikTok account @deeptomcruise, in which he can be seen, playing the protagonist of “Top Gun Maverick”, next to the DJ who, it fits remember, she is married to businessman Carter Milliken Reum.

In the video, the celebrities seem to be getting ready for a movie premiere. He wears a suit while she wears a gold-toned ball gown with diamond appliqués.

“Do you think people are really going to believe this?” Hilton asked in the video, while the actor replied “I think most people would believe anything.”

Fisher has gained notoriety on social media for the way he uses “deepfake” technology. Through it you can imitate any person, since an image and sound are created through artificial intelligence.

Paris Hilton’s video, which already has more than 15 million views on TikTok, comments abound about how real the fake Tom Cruise looks.

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