Anne Hathaway was caught in a dress, pumps and long gloves

Maybe the next movie Anne Hathaway does not cover a topic with the fashion implied in the title. However, the actress is a style reference and is achieving that the styles of Mother’s Instinct become the starting point for those looking for elegant outfits. The last look of the film to sneak onto our screens, a blue dress with pump shoes Y long glovesis irrefutable proof of the wardrobe parts that dominated the 1960s and that, in 2022, are a good idea again.

From the exits and entrances to the catwalks of the Fashion Weeks, the guests and their street style confirm which are the trends that have managed to go beyond the proposals that designers take to their parades. The unexpected surprise? imminent return of long gloves. Hence this look of the actress Anne Hathaway It is not an idea that we should discard.

How to wear a dress with stilettos and long gloves according to Anne Hathaway

The actress shows off some 60s opera gloves that are making a comeback in 2022.

James Devaney/Getty Images

The Oscar winner was captured in the role of the tape that will star alongside Jessica Chastain. The straight-silhouette, knee-length blue dress she wears from her brings to a decade that she favors glitter and extreme cut-outs, a more demure style choice. The performer evokes the magnetism of Jackie Kennedy; with short hair, hairstyle with light waves with volume and its classic white opera gloves one of the accessories that accompanied one of the most iconic women of the 20th century.

Jackie Kennedy in 1962.

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Jackie Kennedy at the White House.

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However, in 2022 —almost— anything goes. The trends most glamorous, seen both on the catwalk and in the prescribers of style, have stated that the long gloves they are admissible and, from the point of view of this editor, in 2022 they are a bit undervalued: they should be seen more, to fulfill daily events, such as going for a coffee or for a simple walk, as it does Anne Hathaway in one of the scenes of the remake of the tape that inspires the trends of the 60s in 2022.

Street style Fall-Winter 2022.

Photo: Acielle / StyleDuMonde

Valentino Fall-Winter 2022.


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