Amber Heard would have made montage when buying cheap clothes

Experts say that Amber Heard could have used a montage to show pity and for that reason she could have been seen buying clothes in an establishment where you can “haggle”.

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Another event could tarnish the image of Amber Heard. These are the photographs of the actress that showed her shopping for clothing in a store that is characterized by being “cheap”, which became viral.

The images that circulated on the network, without a doubt, gave something to talk about, although at the beginning the Internet users showed sympathy for her, since it was likely that she would be going through a difficult financial crisis, after losing the legal battle against Deep, her ex-husband.

However, new information has come to light regarding postcards. In accordance with OnlineRadarthere is evidence detailing that it could have been a deception on the part of the actress.

“Pictures Mounted by Amber”

According to an expert who is dedicated to making paparazzi material, there is no way for a photographer don’t want to credit your work when it could be world news.

In that sense, everything could be pointing to the fact that it was the heard’s sister the one that would have captured the photos and the video, with the purpose of spreading them and thus becoming news again.

It should be noted that in the material, the actress is clearly seen wearing a basket full of clothes, but realizing that they are filming her, she acts unattended. Now, it has been rumored that she is seeking attention, becoming the victim and even pity.

Other people point out that she wants to give an image that she is financially ruined and that she cannot pay Deep. For now, this is only an analysis carried out by professionals, since it was the Radar Online page that presented said report.

On the other hand, heard She has not spoken about the controversial images that have now exposed her.

(Photo: Twitter)

(Photo: Twitter)

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