Almost two months after Will Smith’s slap in the face of Chris Rock, Mike Tyson weighed in on the subject: “It was interesting”

Mike Tyson enjoyed his visit to the Jimmy Kimmel show.

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ANDFormer boxer Mike Tyson attended this Friday as a guest on the Jimmy Kimmel Live programwhich is characterized by having luxury assistants, and in it Among so many questions that the animator asked him for his opinion about the controversy between Will Smith and Chris Rock of the past Oscars.

When asked by Kimmel about what he had to say about the blow that Will Smith gave Chris Rock on the Academy stage, Tyson had no problem showing his opinion, but made it clear that he wasn’t too surprised.

It was interesting. I don’t know, if he (Smith) felt it was necessary to do it, if he’s not shocked, I’m not shocked“said the former heavyweight.

Nevertheless, the question was a trap because even though Tyson didn’t flinch if he looked a little more uncomfortable when Kimmel brought up his incident with a passenger on a plane.

In that event, Tyson attacked a passenger after the user asked for a photo and the boxer refused; he responded with blows on that occasion.

I was wrong, it never should have happened. I returned to my primitive child state. I was irritated, tired and drugged, “said the 55-year-old boxer.

After the response, Tyson was much more relaxed and was even encouraged to dress up as a bee in the show itself.

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