a reflection on how to deal with grief

Photography: Robbie Sweeny.

Guadalajara Jalisco.

Project on the margin presents “Exercises to close business”a work that combines dance, music and improvisation to talk about griefas commented by its director and interpreter, Karen de Luna:

“It seeks to generate a metaphor: first of the duels, when you cut yourself and you have a wound, the skin goes through a process to heal, it is a metaphor similar to the one we can find in the different stages of duels, and I based it on this metaphor to find different elements, symbols and situations that would help me convey what I consider that all human beings feel at different times. I’m not talking about a final death duel, but about…

all the duels we have throughout life, I think we die several times throughout our lives.

Karen began to create the staging when he was making a stay in HK. The dancer and choreographer stated that death is still a taboo in society; however, for her “Understanding death is understanding life.” In turn, he shared his personal relationship with this project:

“The decision also has to do with a job I did before that had to do with memory, it was about my father and my father has dementia. So, for me it was also an exercise in mourning, that is, a mourning that has nothing to do with death as I mentioned at the beginning, but with having to generate a new relationship in the face of a situation that is emotionally strong and emotionally powerful. ”.

The artist stated that the public acts as co-creator of the piecebecause during the function there are no seats but the spectator has the possibility to decide from where he observes the piece, that is, he is free to move in space.

“Exercises to close business” will be presented this Friday, June 24 at 8:30 p.m., and Saturday 25 at 7:30 p.m., in Room 3 of the Santander Complex. Tickets are purchased through the website www.juntosantander.com or at the box office.

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