“You’ll never see me with those muscles again”

This evening Zac Efron is back on TV with Baywatchthe 2017 film directed by Seth Gordon which is in fact a film adaptation of the American television series of the same name that aired from 1989 to 2001. Apparently, however, for the former High School Musical star it was not so easy to catch you part.

The actor has in fact subjected himself to insane workouts for Baywatch, forcing his physique to rhythms that are exhausting to say the least which in his opinion are no longer repeatable. Zac Efron then candidly stated that in the course of his life he believes he will no longer be able to get the massive muscles that he built with so much sweat and so much sacrifice for the film in which he starred alongside. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

“Making Baywatch came at the right time because once I finished the film I knew I never wanted to be like that again. Really. It was so hard he said in an interview with Hot Ones.

Efron then added: “There was no room for maneuver, you couldn’t spend a lot of time on yourself. You were only worried about things like blisters or turning your turtle into an even bigger turtle. Things like that … they’re stupid. Now I’m fine. like so.If you take care of your heart and brain, you are fine. I am convinced that you will never see me with those muscles again“.

Baywatch’s negative reviews probably also influenced this decision. In short, a lot of work for nothing.

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