Yelapa, an eco-tourist paradise near Puerto Vallarta

It is no secret that many of the most beautiful beaches and most interesting towns are located in Mexico, specifically within the framework of Puerto Vallarta. Banderas Bay offers small paradisiacal beaches, picturesque towns, natural attractions such as waterfalls and much more…

One of these Edens is Yelapa, a name that comes from Purépecha roots and that means “site where the waters converge or flood”; And so it is, Yelapa is framed by two rivers that descend from the mountains and meet the Pacific Ocean.

The territory was discovered in the 1960s, when it became the preferred vacation destination for the artistic community, frequently visited by famous musicians, intellectuals and actors such as Liz Taylor, Bob Dylan and Jack Nicholson.

For a long time the cellular signal did not reach Yelapa, an aspect that still prevails in some areas and that allows total isolation, which can represent one of the greatest luxuries today.

Located just 40 minutes (min) from the south of Puerto Vallarta; it is important to note that the beach can only be accessed by seawhether you take a water taxi from the Muelle de los Muertos in the romantic zone or leave from the town’s pier in Boca de Tomatlán, 20 minutes from the city.

Its main attraction is the natural beauty of the enclosure, among which its famous waterfalls stand out, which according to the season come to have extremely crystalline water and the ideal warmth for a dip; however, to get to these it is necessary to follow a path, so it is essential to wear sports shoes and enough water to hydrate.

As far as gastronomy is concerned, in Yelapa there are no high-end restaurants, however you can taste typical gastronomic delights of Puerto Vallarta such as Mexican dishes, fresh seafood in the palapas or local restaurants, and why not? the famous pays baked by local bakers, which you can buy on the beach. Likewise, the unmissable drink of destiny is the rootlet -an agave distillate with denomination of origin in Jalisco-.

Speaking of its relaxed atmosphere, in Yelapa you won’t find five-star hotels either; but the Hotels shop minimalist Designed to go back to basics without losing all the comforts and surrounded by a completely natural environment, they are the ideal place to find a moment of peace and relaxation. Most offer set menus. healthy and organic, spa, yoga, among other recreational activities.

Thanks to its designation as a place of rest from the hectic city and connection with nature, Yelapa has become a very popular place for the sightseeing eco friendlywhere you can enjoy walks, campingtrekking, hiking, zip lines, donkey rides, horseback riding, canopyboat rides and much more.

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