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An Argentine woman became the center of attention of the trans-Andean press and social networks, after tweeting an image of actor Keanu Reeves, whom she met in the middle of her vacation in Europe, where she went to visit his son and took advantage of sightseeing

“I am going to tell you that we are hotels facing each other. I went to greet him. It can’t be cuter, it can’t be more gentleman. Don’t bother him with the photo, he stole it while he smoked. I love him. End of the statement,” said the woman, identified as Alicia Azanza, in social networks.

In the image, the protagonist of tapes like John Wick and Matrix is ​​seen, smoking quietly outside a hotel.

His conversation with the actor

In dialogue with the Argentine newspaper La Nación, the woman told how her meeting with the actor was.

“I go out to smoke, I look in front, it is a narrow street, and there was a man smoking. I thought, ‘Wow, how similar to (Keanu) Reeves that is’. I waited and we were face to face with our eyes, “he said.

After seeing him, Alicia decided not to miss the opportunity to have a few words with Reeves, so she crossed the street and greeted him.

“I told him I didn’t want to bother him and he told me that I didn’t bother him in any way. I told him that she was an admirer and a huge fan of all his movies. And that there were some things in her private life that seemed extremely charming to me, such as the relationship she has with her mother, ”she said.

In that sense, she indicated that “I am the mother of three boys and it is something that touches me.”

At the woman’s words, the interpreter placed his hands on his chest and formed a heart, responding with a tender gesture to Alicia.

Finally, the woman pointed out that “I love him, I love action movies”, adding that “it did not seem prudent to ask him for a photo because he was mega calm smoking a cigarette, then I took it sitting in front of him”.

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