Who wants the minecraft pickaxe being able to have a gun that works without problems?

Minecraft it is a world that can fascinate anyone, even those who see it from the outside. I’ve always said it, the construction tools it has are amazing, and that greatly favors the most handy players. Come on, the community of Fortnite must feel all the envy in the world, because there is nothing like a fan of Minecraft building.

And I’m not just talking about what can be created from the blocks already existing, but when players go one step further. This is the case of the player I am going to talk about today, who seems be already tired of the peak. What what I mean? Well, because he created a gun which can be shot smoothly in the world of Minecraft. Yes, it sounds weird, but I promise you it’s very real.

You can now pium pium in minecraft

  • The author is the user of Reddit called jesver ✅
  • This has used a data package to create a gun which works perfectly ❗
  • As can be seen in the video, when shooting smoke and fire comes out of the gunplus it has an ammo gauge just below it ✌
  • And little joke, because the shots can be heard perfectly ⭐
  • Unfortunately, it is not known if it works against enemiessince this player only uses the weapon by shooting into the air ❓
  • You have the video below ❗

What did you think of this? Would you like to test the weapon on Minecraft? I’m reading you for the comments!

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