Who is Austin Butler? Meet the Elvis actor, his famous girlfriend and his other movies


The Californian actor austin butler30, is responsible for bringing to the big screen Elvis Presley in the film Elvis. We tell you what he has done before, what serious health problem he suffered when filming was over and who his famous girlfriend is.

austin butler He is the hottest actor in Hollywood. A twelve-minute standing ovation when the film was screened at the Cannes Film Festival Elvis —which premieres this June 24— and a romantic kiss with the model Kaia Gerberwhich confirms his love story, have made him the celebrities of the moment in a matter of weeks.

The 30-year-old —California, August 17, 1991— is the protagonist of the new film about the life and career of the great music star Elvis Presley. This is his first major leading role in the film industry and, judging by the reviews it received at its Cannes preview, Butler is one of the youngsters whom a long and successful career is predicted like actor.

The challenge of starring in this production directed by Baz LuhrmanMoulin Rouge either The Great Gatsby— was not easy, because he had to give life to one of the great myths of the 20th century: an admired, adored, imitated, brilliant character full of lights and shadows. Still, he has been successful and his interpretation seems to be up to the star of the Rock And Roll. Until she was the woman of the singer’s life, Priscilla Presleymother of his only daughter (Lisa-Marie Presley) has also praised and applauded the work of the young actor who he says is “incredible”.

The Austin Butler and Elvis Presley Connection

Butler tells in an interview he gave to GQ magazine that the greatest emotional connection he found with Elvis Presley was that, just as happened to the King of rock, his mother also died when he was 23 years old.

Behind this role there are three years of hard work that led him to lose the notion of who he really was and that ended with his bones in the hospital as soon as he finished filming, in March 2021, when he fell ill with a virus: “The next day I woke up at four in the morning in excruciating pain, and was rushed to the hospital.” He was forced to stay in bed for a week.

It is not the only sequel that the film left him: apparently still has a southern accent characteristic of the singer.

Denzel Washington, his godfather in ‘Elvis’

For Austin Butler this is not his first film role. He was Tex Watson, the faithful follower of Charles Manson, in Once upon a time in… Hollywood. Tarantino’s film gave him the opportunity to work with the actor he most admires and who has served as a model for him: Leonardo Dicaprio.

She is not the only Hollywood star with whom she has shared a project. In 2018 he was a partner of Denzel Washington in Broadway production The Iceman Cometh. At that time the protagonist of Malcolm X he became a kind of godfather to him. A call from you to the director of Elvis It could have been decisive for him to be chosen as the protagonist among the hundreds of candidates to play Presley.

“Suddenly I receive a call from Denzel Washington, whom I did not know. And he tells me, in the most emotional and direct way possible: ‘Look, I have met a young actor in the theater. I assure you that his method of working is not can compare to nothing I’ve ever seen. I’ve never seen anyone who spends every second of his life perfecting a role,” the director told GQ magazine.

Austin Butler’s other roles

the protagonist of Elvis He’s been looking for his big break for a long time. Since he was 15 years old and he was discovered by chance when he was accompanying his stepbrother to a casting. The shy blond boy with green eyes soon became part of the factory of young promises of Disney Channel Y Nickelodeon.

On the first channel, among other things, he was a guest star on the series Hannah Montana with the actress and singer Miley Cyrus. In the second, his most prominent roles came with the comedy Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide Y Zoey 101.

Ex-boyfriend of Vanessa Hudgens and partner of Kaia Gerber

The sentimental life of Austin Butler has two protagonists. In 2011 he met one of the quintessential Disney girls, Vanessa Hudgenswith which he kept a long relationship of nine years and there were not a few times with which there was speculation about their commitment.

Although Butler has always been extremely discreet with his private life, his appearances with the protagonist of High School Musical at premieres, parties and social networks have been frequent during this time. Finally, in December 2020 and after weeks of rumours, the breakup was confirmed. “Life is full of changes, and you have to discover how to keep yourself in constant evolution and growth,” were the only statements he made after the breakup.

Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party
Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler, at the Vanity Fair Oscar party // Gtresonline

Silence has also been his maxim at the time in his relationship with the model Kaia Gerberthe sought-after model daughter of Cindy Crawford. Neither of them has spoken about their love story, but together they posed on the red carpet of the Met Gala 2022held last May, which was interpreted as official confirmation that they are a couple.

Just three weeks later, they starred in one of the most romantic moments at the Cannes Festival this 2022. Before entering the room where the premiere of Elvisthe model and the actor, between looks and caresses, gave each other a tender kiss that could be captured by the photographers.

Austin Butler and Kaia Gerber, on the red carpet at Cannes in May 2022
Austin Butler and Kaia Gerber, on the red carpet at Cannes in May 2022 // Gtreosnline

With two projects underway, the series Master oh the Airand the second part of the successful science fiction film duneseverything seems to confirm that Butler’s face will be familiar to us for a while, showing that he It’s not just another broken toy from the Disney Channel factory.. A star has been born

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