What happened to Kelly McGillis, the Top Gun actress with Tom Cruise?

After 35 years, Tom Cruise returns to his role in the new and sequel to the popular and also already considered a classic, ‘top gun‘, only some of the actors who accompanied him then are back, however his co-star and girlfriend in fiction, Kelly McGillis will not be this time.

So you might wonder why not or what has become of her after so many years, and here we tell you a little about her life after her successful participation in Top Gun in 1986.

Kelly McGillis is an American actress, whose most notable films are Witness where he received a nomination for Golden Globe, defendants and the already mentioned Top Gun.

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In the 1980s, when the actress was on her way to becoming one of the biggest names in the industry, she was suddenly out of fashion.

After several delays caused by the pandemic, the next May 24 The sequel will be releasedTop Gun: Maverickin whose story, 35 years later, McGillis, the flight instructor who was Cruise’s partner, has been replaced by Jennifer Connelly.

The reasons why she will not be in the film now is because the same actress has declared that she does not intend to return to a film, where a stereotypical standard of beauty must be met.

In an interview with EntertainmentTonight, the producers had not contacted her and launched a dart against the stereotypical beauty canons of Hollywood: «I am too old, I am fat, I look my age and this is not what is sought for the film. (…) I prefer to feel safe in my skin and true to my age than to value other things », she declared.

And it is that after the movies she starred in in the eighties, her personal life was not going well at all, so her work life also had its complications, which she would soon overcome, however, it made her move away from show business.

It was in 1982, that Kelly was attacked and raped in her apartment, this news that shocked the whole world, became a traumatic experience that inspired the actress to accept the role of a lawyer in the film “The Accused”, in the which Jodie Foster where she won the Oscar for best actress.

In addition to the fact that he had to leave rehabilitation after falling into drugs for what he lived.​

Later in 1989, she married businessman Fred Tillman, with whom she even invested in a restaurant, and they had two daughters: Kelsey Lauren Tillman (May 24, 1990) and Sonora Ashley Tillman (April 10, 1993), to end their marriage in 2002.

Until then, his life began to settle down and his career as an artist began to fade. In interviews she declared: “Being 43 years old and not being willing to go through the operating room to have your face changed makes it difficult.” “Very soon there will be no one in America who looks 50 years old.”

according to the book sing-outshe and Madonna had a romantic relationship for a while and it was until 2009, when Kelly made her homosexuality public.

He stated that his doubts about his sexuality began when he was twelve years old. Rumors of her always haunted her and in 2009 she decided to put an end to them.

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For this reason, in 2010 he decided to take another important step in his life by marrying the real estate executive Melanie Lees, whom he would divorce a year later. Interestingly, the two already knew each other because Leis worked as a waitress at the restaurant McGillis and Tillman owned in Florida.

Now the actress is 64 years old and is currently far away from Hollywood. She lives in North Carolina, where she is a drama teacher and helps in a rehabilitation clinic for women with addictions, since she experienced the effect of drugs firsthand.

Well, fame had harmful effects on her. She suffered from panic attacks, dissatisfaction, insecurity. That is why she decided to wake up from that golden dream, follow the course of nature with the kilos and wrinkles of time and feel free of it. “The tyranny of beauty is not for her or for Kathleen Turner,” Kelly said.


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