what does it mean and how the trend was born

Italics is a way of speaking that had already conquered the GenZ for several yearsso much so that there are examples of sung songs in italics since the end of the 1910s of 2000. Indeed great foreign singers of the caliber of Amy Winehouse, Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez, Sia, Lorde and Billi Eilish They are considerate examples of this trend.

Obviously, this way of pronouncing the syllables it also arrived in Italyand undoubtedly one of the first artists to show off this particular technique Tha Supremewhich were then followed Sangiovanni and also Blanco and Mahmood. And, as often happens, the transition from music to jargon is very easy and therefore this phonetic trend has existed on social media for years. But let’s find out more.

What is spoken cursive and how it is spoken

Italics spoken it is nothing more than a particular way of speaking in which the vowelsmostly those at the end of the wordbut in some cases even in the middle, they are not only lengthened but also transformed into diphthongs. The consonants, on the other hand, are not affected in any way by changes compared to normal Italian.

Usually italics are spoken by letting out more sounds nasal And distorting some vowels, but emitting a single sound which then changespassing, for example, from a “to” to one “it’s at”. Hence “home” in italics will be pronounced similar to “dairy”.

The boomers have only now noticed the italics, the trend of the GenZ

However, there is a lot of talk about cursive speaking in the last few hours due to some videos that have gone viral on TikTok. All thanks to Elisa Esposito that started a few weeks ago a series of videos in which he gave cursive lessonsand explained how to pronounce and then write the various syllables.

However, she is not the TikToker who first brought this way of speaking to the platform, one of the creators who was among the first to have made the italics his signatureit is undoubtedly Chiara Maritawhich brought the first videos with that elongated pronunciation already in the now distant 2020.

Indeed the trend on TikTok was not born in the last few hoursbut it goes on from different monthsso much so that the hashtag #cursive has reached and passed the 24 million views.

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