Violeta Mangriñán ‘copies’ Rihanna’s maternity look

  • Violeta Mangriñán and Fabio Colloricchio reveal the sex of their baby.
  • Violeta Mangriñán shows the craving she has given to consume during pregnancy

    Ana Milan, Paula Echevarría, Jedet, María Pombo… nobody wanted to miss the Idolo awards ceremony, organized by the influencer Dulceida in Madrid. And among so many guests was Violeta Mangriñán, who wore one of the most spectacular looks of the night.

    The television collaborator, pregnant with her first daughter, opted for a semi-transparent black dress with rhinestones that she combined with YSL heels. Violeta acknowledged that she had a bit of a cold but she did not want to miss this event and of course, between the fact that she was not 100% and the dress she wore, despite the low temperatures in the capital, they have made her feel even worse. “If she had had a cold for two days, after yesterday afternoon… I’m not bad, the next thing. But I deserve it, so let’s cry, cry,” she has written on her networks.

    Violeta’s style was reminiscent of the one worn by the singer Rihanna a few days ago during Paris fashion week. Of lingerie cut and also with transparencies. What is clear that both wanted to show off their belly and they did.

    Violet Mangriñán 'Copies' Rihanna


    The influencer did not take her hands off her tummy and as she explains in the video (above), when she arrived at the awards she did it because “that way I feel that I protect her”. Violeta recognized the first months of pregnancy have not been easy. “The first three months it was a little regular, but, now I’m doing better, good. I have regular days, because it’s still a pregnancy, but it’s better, “she explained.

    Fabio Colloricchio’s boyfriend also confirmed that Omar Montes will be the godfather of his daughter, who will be called Gala. “This is worthy of a Tarantino or Almodóvar movie. We agreed that Fabio chose the godfather and I agreed. I appreciate Omar very much and he is a very good friend of ours. The godmother is mine, but it’s a secret. She is not that she is someone known, but she is the most special person, “revealed the influencer.

    Violeta acknowledged that she and Fabio, who met during their participation in ‘Survivors’, are still getting used to the idea that they are going to be parents. “Until recently it was like I forgot. Family and friends were even happier than us,” she said.

    Violeta and Fabio, wedding in sight?

    The influencer also revealed that her most immediate plans are not marrying Fabio. “Right now it does not fit into our highest priority plans. Yes, I would like to get married, but it is not something that I am planning in the short term. If one day it happens then I’m delighted. I’m about to build a house for myself, bring a daughter into the world…”, Violeta said.

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