Tom Cruise hasn’t seen his daughter Suri in 10 years

The American press has long made it clear that the relationship between Tom Cruise and his daughter Suri Cruise is not well at all, since the actor delved deeply into Scientology.

Recently, Suri Cruise He turned 15 years old and this was news in the international media, since he has fully reached adolescence wearing a natural beauty, which was inherited by his parents.

And it is that since the former partner of Hollywood divorced, many rumors arose about Tom’s relationship with Suri, since at the beginning it was a father-daughter relationship like any other, but since the actor entered Scientology, things changed between them.

The distancing of the protagonist of the saga of Mission Impossible with his daughter, because the Hollywood star has not seen the teenager in more than six years, something that has surprised the film industry in USAand in general, to Cruise fans.

When Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise had a relationship, he was close to his daughter at all times, in addition to the fact that there are photographs that prove what was said, but after the couple’s divorce in 2012, it was when the mystery and scandal began. that has had the family on everyone’s lips.

the protagonist of top gun got totally into Scientology since the year 2000, which is a spiritual doctrine that has spread all over the world, also with the help of Tom, who from day one, according to close sources, has been obsessed with this part of his life, to the point of moving away from his loved ones, including his daughter.

It was in 2006 when Katie and Tom even got married, the protagonist of Dawson’s Creek also joined Scientology; during that same year Suri was born. In addition, the actress was away from the film sets for six years, until her divorce in 2012, the year in which Holmes abandoned this doctrine.

Several theories have also been handled, and one of them is that one of the reasons why the actors separated was because of his obsession with Scientology, in addition to the fact that it has been mentioned that Suri is not Tom’s biological daughter, for what is rumored that the little girl is the result of artificial insemination.

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