Tom Cruise and Paris Hilton together in a controversial deepfake that shakes the network

It has happened again. as the well-known James Cameron already warned with his Skynet, artificial intelligence has done its thing again. a few days ago, Paris Hilton took advantage of this technology to share a video through Instagram and other social networks in which he appeared in a romantic attitude with Tom Cruiseprotagonist of the recent Top Gun: Maverick. Logically, the video is about a new deepfake created by the TikTok account @deeptomcruise, which in the past has left us the occasional owner, and behind which is the imitator Miles Fisher.

The danger of deepfake and the diffusion in social networks: No, Paris Hilton and Tom Cruise do not go out together

Yes, it is not the first time in TikTok a video with a person who looks like a famous or specific celebrity goes viral. In fact, the short video social network is full of clips and accounts that try to deceive us or show us strange situations starring supposed celebrities. “Do you think people are going to really believe this?”, Paris Hilton comes to wonder ironically in the video. And it is that the celebrity, married to the singer Carter Milliken Reum, tried deceive its users by confirming that it was dating the actor of Mission Impossible. Some clueless to fallen, and both have been protagonists of the trending topics more crazy in social networks.

“I think most people would believe anything,” explains the Tom Cruise fake. Believe it or not, beyond the imitation of Fisher, which nails the gestures, the posture or the physical expression of the actor, the technology deepfake has come a long way more than we think in recent years. It is being used more and more in the film industry, taking advantage of the so-called machine learning and in artificial intelligence facing recreate human features with great realism based on photographs, microgestures and expressions owned by hundreds of actors and actresses. On tapes like starwars or in series like stranger thingsin which an actress has been made younger to look like the younger Millie Bobby Brown, are well-established methods.

@parishilton I always do my own stunts (while always in full glam) 👸🏼✨💁🏼‍♀️💖 #Sliving #ThatsHot ♬ Take My Breath Away (Love Theme from “Top Gun”) – Berlin

The world deepfake It also has a dangerous side. Many famous and famous, like Gal Gadot, have denounced having been victims of identity theft in alleged leaked pornographic videos that spread like wildfire in the portals for adults. Thanks to this technique, they replace people’s faces with porn actors, generating headlines and dangerous precedents. In Japan, a man was arrested for eliminating the pixelated censorship of porn in the country, while other actors have taken advantage of this technique to star in commercials without leaving home.

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