Thor: Love and Thunder | The first reactions say that it is the funniest movie in the MCU, with a terrifying Christian Bale

This Thursday, the premiere of Thor: Love and Thunder took place in Los Angeles, California, and the first reactions say that the film is one of the most amazing and fun in the MCU. Thor Odinson is without a doubt one of the fan favorite characters, and he is the first to get a fourth solo movie. The expectations that the public has for love and thunder are very high, and it is that after the success of 2017 Thor: Ragnarok – 92%, directed by Taika Waititi (Jojo Rabbit – 75%, Interview with some vampires – 100%), fans can’t wait to see another thrilling Thor adventure from the acclaimed filmmaker.

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Chris Hemsworth first played the God of Thunder in Thor – 77% 2011, directed by Kenneth Branagh (Belfast – 95%, Dunkirk – 92%), and in 2012 he appeared in The Avengers – 92%, tape in which we saw the most powerful heroes on the planet unite to protect the city of New York from The Chitauri. In 2013 came Thor: A Dark World – 66%, directed by Alan Taylor (The Many Saints of Newark, Terminator Genisys), and while the film was a box-office hit, its reviews were mixed, with many finding it rather boring. The arrival of Waititi to the MCU with ragnarokgave a 360-degree turn to the saga of the character.

Many consider that Waititi It’s the best thing that could happen to the character. Chris Hemsworth after having stayed in past installments. The filmmaker not only helped give the lead a sparkling development, but he changed the style of movies entirely, filling them with vibrant colors, fabulous music, and comedy, lots of comedy.

Thor: Love and Thunder picks up the story of the son of Odin from the events of Avengers: Endgame – 95%. After going through a tragic period, Thor faces a difficult identity crisis that leads him to embark on a journey to discover himself. In addition to having Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie, Waititi like Korg, and the Guardians of the Galaxy, the film brings back Natalie Portman as brilliant astrophysicist Jane Foster, ex-girlfriend of Thor, who is now the new wielder of Mjölnir.

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A few days after the arrival of love and thunder to theaters, the first reactions praise the film, even daring to say that it is one of the best MCU films so far. Here are some notable reactions below:

#ThorLoveAndThunder is a vivid and vibrant blast to deliver. Hemsworth’s Thor remains a jewel in Marvel’s crown. Bale’s Gorr is a killer boogeyman that blends campy and creepy. Portman’s Foster and Thompson’s Valkyrie are a top-tier pairing. Crowe’s Zeus is *chef’s kiss*.

Christian Bale is phenomenally menacing as #ThorLoveandThunder villain Gorr the God Butcher. One of the creepiest Marvel villains we’ve ever seen on screen. He gave me some Dark Knight Ledger Joker vibes at one point.

#ThorLoveAndThunder has an appetite for destruction and laughs. He is totally awesome! Taika Waititi offers a subversive and irreverent show. Great story, stakes and character building. Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman, superb. Russell Crowe and Christian Bale slide easily into the world.

#ThorLoveAndThunder is the funniest movie in the MCU. The jokes are excellent as are the cast that deliver them. Christian Bale is obviously also terrifying as #Gorr. BUT, the plot felt flat and without stakes. I’m not sure if this is a #Thor issue or an MCU without a big issue.

Another classic Thor adventure! #ThorLoveAndThunder is everything he wanted it to be. Big, colorful and bizarre Guns N’ Roses-fueled battles with a hopelessly romantic story about discovering love in unexpected places. Christian Bale and Russell Crowe are especially great. And Korg!

I saw #ThorLoveAndThunder . It can’t quite match the visual or comedic bombast of Ragnarok, but Taika Waititi makes up for it with an emotionally mature Marvel movie. It’s also a lot of fun (Natalie has jokes) and features one of the most impressive visual sequences in MCU history.

#ThorLoveAndThunder is much more episodic than I would have suspected. Offers great laughs. A very standard villain with Christian Bale. I want the buddy cop comedy with Natalie Portman and Tessa Thompson. Matt Damon must go to Broadway. Post credits are EPIC! Pure fun.

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