Thor 4 stands out for its humor and Christian Bale’s performance as Gorr, according to the first reactions

The reactions of Thor 4 have already begun to come out and they all agree on the same thing, with a summary of a lot of positivism before its premiere

Thor 4 - humor

We always like to comment the reactions that the great premieres are having of superhero movies or that they have to adapt any type of comic. This is so, although we have already said, actively for passively, that the good thing is that each one of us make your own opinion by watching the movies, it is inevitable that we take a look at how a film has been received by critics and decide whether to watch it or not. This is something that is becoming more and more common it will make you go predisposedif you are going to see the tape, to one thing or another.

Generally, when a premiere is made that has to do with the UCM there is not usually a situation so compromised. It will be because it is Marvel, but when a tape of them arrives at the cinema it is not usually so badly received. Today we have to bring to the fore the summer premiere of Marvel: Thor: Love and Thunder. The movie focus on the Norse god has already begun to have reactions and the truth is that they have been quite satisfactory.

Thor 4 is the second feature film to brings in Taika Waititi as a director at the MCU, so it is the next step after bringing us Thor: Ragnarok. Here there is a big difference between the public, since there are people who are totally against the tone that the third installment took and there are others who were delighted. However, we will tell you that the reactions of Thor 4 have made two elements stand out equally. specifically this tapeabove all other things.

The humor of Thor: Love and Thunder and the performance of Christian Bale as Gorr, the best of the film

Before the premiere of the film have been considering possible circumstances that could become most striking for the tape. The first one is that it is about adapting a stage that has been very key to the character, since Jason Aaron’s moment in Thor was key to the new Marvel continuity and that has made many would like to see Jane Foster carrying the Mjölnir. This was something that was known from the beginning, when Natalie Portman appeared at the panel where Thor: Love and Thunder was announced, so we were already with a lot of “hype”.

Time after project confirmation it was announced that Christian Bale was going to be the villain of the film, playing Gorr, the butcher of the gods. Nobody doubts Bale’s ability to act, since we have seen him in great roles, so the fact that almost all the reactions to this film have been positive and have put through the roof the performances of Portman and Balemakes these two new MCU characters stronger and makes us want to see them with many more excited when it opens.

Thor 4 - humor

With the impeccable work of these two great actors, have also wanted to highlight the humor that has been used for this film. Indicating that it is one of the funniest movies in the UCM, the reactions of Thor 4 suggest that we are going to have a good time in that sense, although at general levels it is not one of the best ratedyes Does this mean it’s bad? Well, the thing is that everything indicates that it will be a lot of fun to watch, but it may not be as epic as other films. Everything has been compiled from ScreenRant in various tweets from people who have already seen it, leaving as a summary what has been commented here.

When is the premiere Thor: Love and Thunder in Spain?

If you have been attentive to the text, or even to the news of these last days that we have made around this film, Will you know exactly when Thor: Love and Thunder is going to be released?. This fourth installment of the Nordic god of Marvel will hit Spanish theaters on July 8, that is, in exactly 2 weeks. For this reason, the first world reactions have already been made known and expectations seem quite positiveusually.

As we always say, and we have started the entry with this type of comments, opinions or criticism are always something very personal. It is true that when they manage to be read and they give us an idea of ​​what a film is going to be like, we can be more predisposed to see it or not, but we want to remember that what really counts is the opinion that one creates for oneself. So, having said all this, we recommend that in two weeks you go to see the film yourself and share with us if the reactions have been the same or not.

Thor 4

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