This weekend TRECE broadcasts the play “El cebo” by Ladislao Vadja in ‘CLASSICS’ with José Luis Garci – The best of TRECE

Once again, TRECE bets on the best cinema of all time.

The session begins on Friday night from 9:55 p.m. with the space ‘classics’ from the hand of Jose Luis Garcia, who will present the film “The Bait” a work directed by the Hungarian director Ladislao Vadja, and which was awarded the best Spanish film by the well-known RNE Sant Jordi awards. The film, starring Heinz Ruhmann, Gert Frobe Y Siegfried Lowitz narrates how after finding the corpse of a girl, a peddler warns Commissioner Matthei (Heinz Rühmann), so that he takes charge of the case. After the suicide of the alleged culprit, the case is taken up unofficially, using another girl as bait for the murderer.

Ladislaus Vadja I bring film noir to Spanish homes, being a co-production between Spain, Germany and Switzerland and shot with actors of various nationalities. “El cebo” is reminiscent in certain aspects of films like “the night of the hunter” either “Dr Frankenstein”, but its plot line seems to be based on the classic tale of “Little Red Riding Hood”.

On Friday night, we can also enjoy the broadcast of the double western with “Beyond the law” Y “The Sixth Fugitive”.

On Saturday night, TRECE brings us a double Van Damme with “Double Impact” (at 00.00h), directed by Sheldon Lettich, in which two twin brothers whose parents were murdered and they were separated, meet again years later to avenge their parents. Y “Universal Soldier” (at 2.00), by Roland Emmerich in which a reporter discovers that the government has launched a project consisting of resurrecting dead soldiers and giving them superhuman powers.

As if that were not enough for Saturday night, TRECE brings to our screens “TheSalvation”a play starring Mads Mikkelsen, Eva Green and Jeffrey Dean Morgan among others.

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