This was the reunion of Canelo Álvarez with Karen Beltrán, mother of his first daughter

(Photo: Instagram/annybeltran)
(Photo: Instagram/annybeltran)

Away from the spotlight in the ring, Saul Alvarez He was a participant in a relevant event in his family. And it is that her eldest daughter, Emily Cinnamon Alvarez Beltran fulfilled a stage in his academic career and had the company of both parents. In that sense the undisputed champion of 168 pounds had a reunion with Karen Beltranmother of her daughter, on the occasion of her eldest daughter’s graduation from high school.

Through their official networks, Karen Beltrán was in charge of announcing the relevant achievement. Through a publication he documented his presence at the ceremony, although he also highlighted the figure of the boxer from Guadalajara. It is worth mentioning that neither the young woman nor Álvarez Barragán made any publication alluding to the act.

“We are very proud of you, my girl. A new stage begins for you, I wish you the best. In High School the world is yours, you will achieve everything you set your mind to. never stop believing in yourself. You are incredible, a very intelligent girl with many qualities. You know that we will always be for you. We love you, Congratulations, my beautiful graduate,” she posted on her verified Instagram profile @annybeltran.

(Photo: Instagram/annybeltran)
(Photo: Instagram/annybeltran)

In the image, Álvarez Beltrán wore a black toga and, in his hands, he carried a blue letterhead folder with the institution’s shield. On the left side of him was her mother, who wore a dress with a design of multicolored geometric figures. At the other end of the protagonist she posed the Cinnamonwith discreet clothing consisting of a white shirt and gray dress pants.

Another of the sequences in the publication was a video where the emcee mentioned Emily’s name, who went to receive his diploma amid applause and one more where the members of the generation were seen throwing their caps into the air. In addition, in another of the images published by Beltrán, the balloons, flowers and stuffed animals that were given to her daughter as gifts on the occasion of the celebration.

The story of Saúl Álvarez and Karen Beltrán dates back to the boxer’s adolescence, when at the age of 15 he gave up his amateur career and sought his luck in the professional field of boxing. At that time he began a relationship with the woman with whom he procreated his firstborn. It was so, after two years of relationshipthe couple gave birth to Emily Cinnamon.

Canelo Álvarez and Gennady Golovkin will fight for the third time at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada (Photo: Twitter/@MatchroomBoxing)
Canelo Álvarez and Gennady Golovkin will fight for the third time at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada (Photo: Twitter/@MatchroomBoxing)

Emily’s middle name makes a clear allusion to the nickname with which her father became known in the world of boxing, since it is a word in English that, translated into Spanish, means “cinnamon”. Meanwhile, after a few years of relationship, Saúl and Karen had a separation, although neither of the two characters disregarded the bond with his daughter.

Subsequently, Álvarez maintained a relationship with the model Valeria Quirozfrom whom his second daughter was born Mia Ener Alvarez Quiroz. Years later, in 2017, she had a daughter with Fernanda Gomezhis current wife, whom he baptized as Maria Fernanda. However, nine months later she also had her first child, that is Saul AdielAfter a fleeting relationship with Nelda Sepulveda.

After having fallen to Dmitry Bivol, the boxer from Guadalajara will have the opportunity to endorse his undisputed title at 168 pounds against a widely recognized opponent. The September, 17th of 2022 will seek to overcome Gennady Golovkin, who will fight for the first time in the super middleweight category


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