The only Mexican that Cristiano Ronaldo asked for a shirt; he has it in his museum

Cristiano Ronaldo and the Mexican who asked for his shirt
Cristiano Ronaldo and the Mexican who asked for his shirt

The Portuguese striker Cristiano Ronaldo, who has a museum in Lisbon with the relics he has harvested throughout his sporting history, has a shirt from a Mexican who asked for it when he faced him.

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Unlike other Mexican players who have had the opportunity to face Cristiano Ronaldo and his shirt, striker Carlos Vela was the one who surprisingly received the request from the Lusitanian Astro to give him his shirt.

When Carlos Vela and Cristiano Ronaldo played in the Spanish league during the match between Real Sociedad and Real Madrid, the Portuguese star approached Carlos Vela to greet him and asked him for the shirt to exchange at the end of the game.

Where is the shirt that CR7 has on Carlos Vela?

Currently, Carlos Vela’s shirt would be in the Lisbon Museum, which belongs to Cristiano Ronaldo and where he keeps some of his sports relics.

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