The Growth Decree is not enough for Ronaldo to return to Serie A: a sensational turning point

While Cristiano Ronaldo shows images of family serenity on Instagram, accompanied by the poignant and delicate reflections of Georgina returned to public life after the tragedy that struck them, and which they decided to share, and how much they gained on their priorities.

A hierarchy that, in this second part of the Portuguese champion’s career, has not only placed the contractual and economic aspects at the top.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s decision to leave Manchester

Christiancertain of his departure from Manchester after the de facto tear by the coach Erik Ten Hag, he would be inclined to look for new sates elsewhere far from Manchester and the Premier, the league that launched him in the international football scene and that allowed the hyperbole achieved in Madridshore Real.

The rumors that have followed one another in recent weeks have varied from the suggestion of Rome, due to the link between Ronaldo and José Mourinho thanks to Jorge Mendesto the last hypothesis put forward by the Spaniard AS which associates the champion with Bayern Munich.

There Rome of the Friedkin is ambitious, Mou continues to exercise a not inconsiderable charismatic power and the precedent to real Madrid it would seem to support a meeting also in the capital, perhaps.

Maybe why CR7 he should give up a sumptuous salary, equal to 23 million and assume an almost immediate position on the basis of the Growth Decree.

Bayern tries

The German club, according to reports from the Iberian newspaper, would be looking for a candidate capable of replacing Lewandowskivery close to the transfer to Barcelona, ​​and to maintain the level of the attacking department on the standards in keeping with the objectives on a European level as well.

According to Asand not only that, the immobility of the English management with respect to the requests for reassurance of Ronaldo after the arrivals of Haaland And Darwin Nunez (respectively at Manchester City and Liverpool) would have convinced him not to continue his stay and to reconsider other opportunities.

Rome as the A leagueto take advantage of the benefits resulting from the Growth Decreewhich by June 30 would favor the same Ronaldo and that operation that attracts fans and enthusiasts, orphans of one of the best players of the last two decades.

Messi-Ronaldo together with PSG, a dream for the fans

Like Leo Messi, who, with his arrival last summer in Paris, would have removed the hypothesis of an almost metaphysical idea with the Argentine and the Portuguese in attack, together in PSG. The latest changes seem not to support this path.

The return to Juve

The Bayern Monaco would allow Ronaldo to be able to play the Champions and the championship as an absolute protagonist, two objectives that he does not neglect at all and that distance him from the capital and from other possibilities such as a return to Juve.

The intention would be to replace the starter Lewandowski, convinced to face a new experience of play and life, with the couple Manè-Ronaldo, to form an attack up to the club’s goals.

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