The drug movie with Anne Hathaway

In the minds of most millennials, Anne Hathaway she is that fluffy-haired teenager who, overnight, discovered that she was a princess and that her grandmother wanted to start preparing her to keep the throne of Genovia once she decided to abdicate.

But Anne Hathaway is more than that, she was trained in theater, she has appeared in series (she appeared in Get Real in 1999) and in dozens of great movies where she has proven time and time again that she can do it all, while remaining a character who seems approachable and doesn’t take herself too seriously.

The princess’s Diary Y The Devil Wears Prada made her a teen icon, but beyond that, Hathawy she’s been through drama, comics (she’s not Michelle Pfeifer, but her Catwoman doesn’t disappoint), musicals, and independent film (plus a remake of The Witches with Guillermo del Toro), and has two Oscar nominations that make it clear that this is just the beginning and that the Brooklyn-born actress is going to go far.

She may have started out as a Disney kid, but now she’s an actress acclaimed by critics and fans at the same time. Maybe we still can’t compare them with big ones like Meryl Streep or Glen Closebut we can see that Anne Hathaway has a plan to reach that level. While he makes it (and it’s not far off), remember the big movies he’s already made his mark on.

Anne Hathaway’s must-see movies (without Princess Diaries and The Devil Wears Prada):

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