The details of the conflict between Justin Lin and Vin Diesel!

Details of the conflict between Justin Lin and Vin Diesel were revealed, which caused the director to leave Fast and Furious 10.

The Hollywood Reporter published an article detailing all the problems that led to justin lin to leave his post as director of fast and furious 10which could be summed up in the constant changes made to the script written by the same Lin, and the handling of the production carried out by the protagonist and producer of the franchise: Vin Diesel.

The medium already mentioned, explains that the problems began after justin lin had the script ready and felt ready to sign it, since the production lost a key location for filming due to the armed conflict between Ukraine and Russiaand also had not yet hired the actor who would give life to one of the villains of the feature film.

Added to the above, Universal commented to Lin that they will send a writer to help him polish the dialogues of some characters, a situation that was not well received by the filmmaker in question.

H for Fed up

So much change around production came to a climax on April 23, 2022, when justin lin Y Vin Diesel They had a meeting where the actor gave the filmmaker a series of notes with changes he wanted to the script. Annoyed, the director left the room slamming the door and mentioning: “This movie is not worth my sanity”.

Despite this, a source within Universal commented to The Hollywood Reporter that the output of justin lin it happened due to “creative differences with the studio and not with his fellow producers, creative team or cast.”

Beyond these words, the aforementioned medium states that this latest conflict caused Lin mentioned to the studio that he was leaving his position as director, Universal took his words seriously and for the April 25th they reached an agreement for him to abandon his work, and after it he wished success and luck to all the people involved in the project. One day later, Lin would make his departure from the film public -it is worth noting that he is still a producer-.

Vin Diesel

A production with high demands

The Hollywood Reporter argues that the pressure faced by Lin It is due to the demand they feel Vin Diesel Y Universal for continuing the box office success of a franchise that throughout its nine installments has accumulated almost 6 billion dollars. In fact, the same medium reports that the tenth installment of the franchise is above the $300 millionthis without counting the expenses that you will have in publicity.

Interestingly more than 100 million dollars are spent on salaries of 7 or 8 figures to the cast, where although the details are unknown, it is reported that Vin Diesel is the best paid above figures like Charlize Theron, Jason Momoa, Brie Larson, Michelle Rodriguezetc.

After this, the article highlights that Vin Diesel He is a difficult person to work with as he likes to have broad creative control over the production, to the extent that he decides which action scenes are done and which are not, leaving the job to the director to try to fit them into the film or not. “The whole process is a mosaic that never stops” declared in this regard a person who has worked in various productions of Fast and furious.

Looking for a new leader

All of the above caused the output of Lin of the project, and currently Universal is urgently looking for a substitute, because every day that the production is stopped the studio loses a million dollars, however this will not be an easy task as mentioned by a director’s agent to the medium in question:

“You need someone who can handle the needs of the studio, Vin Diesel and cast. They will probably need two filmmakers to tackle this challenge, but most will turn you down on the grounds that there is too little time to work. Whoever takes this job will be a hero if he manages to avoid a flop by racking up $747 million at the box office.”

After the above, Universal has considered various filmmakers to take the job, such as F. Gary Gray (director of Fast and furious 7), james wan (Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom), Y David Leitch (Dead Pool 2), however they are all working at the moment and for them the favorite to take the place is louis leterrierfamous filmmaker of action films and blockbusters such as the transporter, The Incredible Hulk Y The Illusionistswhich could close its arrival in production this week.

Vin Diesel
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