Sebastián Yatra tells in El Hormiguero how he experienced Will Smith’s smack at the Oscars


The Colombian singer presented a single titled TV and his new tour

Sebastian Yatra in El Hormiguero.Atresmedia

Sebastian Yatra visit the anthill on Tuesday June 14. The singer, who presented the TV single and his new tour, told how he experienced the smack of Will Smith in the delivery of Oscar.

Yatra went to the Oscars to sing two caterpillarsmovie theme Charm. “Who did they sit you next to?” Paul Motorcycles. “I arrived three days before to rehearse. I go to the first rehearsal, I go out to sing my song and all the faces of all the people are on and where are they going to sit,” he said.

“I look, I look for my little face and my little face is in the first row, sitting next to Billie Eilish. They were doing Covid tests every day. I get to test positive before singing at the Oscars, which happens to you once in your life, and I die, “he admitted.

However, there was an unforeseen event at the last minute and Lin-Manuel Miranda could not attend, so they rearranged the seats. “They put my face on the other side, next to the guy who wrote the song of Beyoncéwho was nominated but wasn’t going to come,” she said, referring to dixson and the theme alive for The Williams Method. “He’s a crack, but he doesn’t look like Billie, he’s not Billie,” he added.

“I cried a lot after having sung, it was the most emotional moment of my professional life, without a doubt. Representing all the people who speak Spanish and all the people from my country, Colombia. I got off the stage, hugged Will Smith. I think I gave him all my energy and there he reacted in some way”, joked the guest, who also hugged Javier Bardem Y Penlope Cruz.

Although they were not expected to attend, finally Beyoncé Y Jay Z They came and sat down next to Yatra. “We live with Beyonce about the slap, which was something impressive. I saw the slap, I saw Beyonc’s reaction, I saw myself sitting there and I said ‘I have to go tell this to the anthill‘” he signaled.

talk about mental health

Yatra revealed in the program of Antenna 3 who goes to therapy. “I many times I kept going back to the same situation or the same person. It takes you a long time to get over something because you constantly need to talk about it,” he said.

“My psychologist explained it to me as if he were a fish that lives in a tank of water. If you don’t change his water, he’s living in his own shit. You have to change his water. you are giving life and you are living in the middle of all that shit. I began to not talk about certain issues in my life with anyoneonly with him once a week,” she confessed.

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