Review: Fortnite x Marvel: Zero Conflict

Epic Games continues to expand its universe in comics.

Success is not new Fortnite now in the comics with their collaborations. Last year we were able to enjoy Batman/Fortnite: Zero Pointfollowed by Batman/Fortnite: Foundation. To the surprise of many, now it is the turn of a collaboration with Marvel. This is how it is born Fortnite x Marvel: Conflict Zero.

The script is in charge of Christos Gage (Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point) as well as from donald mustard, the creative head of Epic Games. The drawings are in charge of Sergio Davila and its inking and color are in charge of Sean Parsons Y Edgar Delgadorespectively.

On this occasion our friends from Panini Comics sent us the first issue of a series of 4; same that came out on June 8 and in Gamer Style we will tell you what we thought?

looking for allies

The story introduces us to Wolverines with a new alias “Patch”. While he is quiet in a tavern, suddenly spider-man and Agent Jones approach him, to what end? In order for him to join as an ally for an upcoming battle.

At this point, I can say that the reading is very pleasant. see to spider-man in his charismatic facet and Wolverine being Wolverine, trying to flirt with The Imaginedone of the members of Los Siete… Don’t worry, if you start in Fortnite and you don’t know the factions and names of these characters, this first issue serves to put you in context.

This comic serves as a summary of the conflicts that have been experienced on the island of Fortnite.

Here they explain to you how the Zero Point is the center of reality; which has been controlled by an evil organization called The Imagined Order. Also, they explain how the group of Los Siete want to stop them; since the plans of the Order is to eliminate everything, both the island and its inhabitants.

Said Order has already caused several conflicts, the same as if you have been present at the events of Fortnite; you could already be part of those attacks of the Order. They were guilty of bringing characters like Thor or Iron Man to the island, including Wolverine himself.

This comic takes place shortly before the last event of Fortnite, just when we are about to defeat The Imagined Order. But don’t worry, not because the comic is a prologue to the season finale event; This is not to say that there aren’t some surprises that we may see in the future. Well, there are some vignettes that leave us with some intrigues, which we will not mention so as not to spoil them.

At the end of this story, it leaves us intrigued, as the heroes are not the only ones recruiting allies to their cause. I’ll leave it here for now, but the comic remains very interesting, waiting for the next issue that will come out on July 13.


The truth is that he had a lot that he did not take a comic and returning with Fortnite was not bad at all. Well, when you buy this comic, it comes with a code that when you redeem it you will get the skin of a suit of spider-man; as well as a spider-shaped backpack. That’s not all, because if you match all five numbers, at the end you will get a surprise not yet revealed.

Another aspect that I would like to mention is the high quality of the comic material, since it is not just any sheet of paper. The cover is made of hard cover with a matte finish, which makes it look fantastic, worthy of any good collector.


The truth is that, to be honest, it didn’t really attract my attention; but this comic put me back on track to discover the new enemy behind this conflict. This first issue was very helpful for people like me who quit the game after playing for a few years non-stop.

It is a great way to expand the Fortnite universe to other universes and justifies the appearance of the characters on the island. I’m not a big fan of Marvel, but this story made me realize what a mistake I made in not getting their past issues with Batman. If you have the opportunity to acquire all the numbers, you should not miss them.

Not only do you get a great original story, but you also get a skin worth more than the comic book value. Without a doubt, you should be on the lookout for the release of each number, which we will be reviewing in Gamer Style.

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