Prosopagnosia, the visual alteration suffered by Brad Pitt

William Bradley Pitt is his real name.

William Bradley Pitt is his real name.

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Brad Pitt was the actor of the moment for his superb performances or for his stellar loves, always at the height of his potential and beauty.

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His early years are still remembered as the rise of a star who perfectly combined talent with record. In other words, Pitt is so privileged that, if he were to stop acting today, film lovers would have plenty of work to entertain themselves with the characters of the unforgettable blonde.

To his indisputable legacy we must add the setbacks of his personal life. The separation from Angelina Jolie is still dragged by the 58-year-old artist. In the absence of the trial that is yet to come for the custody of his children and the administration of common properties, details of the life of Brad Pitt post Angelina are added.

One of them is an alteration that it has been suffering, known as prosopagnosia. Next, we will define what it is.

Prosopagnosia: What is it?

In the section Take care Plusfrom the Marca portal, explain that prosopagnosia “is defined as the inability to recognize faces, both from known people, new people or between similar faces. The prosopagnosia is a type of agnosiathat is, an alteration of perception that prevents us from recognizing the sensory information we receive”.

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In an interview given to the magazine GQ, Pitt maintained that, although he has not been diagnosed with facial blindness, “a lot of people hate me because they think I’m disrespecting them. But it is a mystery to me. I can’t catch a face.”

The American also confessed that “for the last few years I have been suffering from a mild depression, which I have not been able to overcome, because I have not been able to fully accept myself, with the beautiful and the ugly, I have not had moments of joy”.

Prosopagnosia: A memory problem?

All medical paths lead to the fact that facial blindness affects the bridge between the brain and the reference that the sufferer has of a particular person, specifically their face. This confusion is what has gotten Brad Pitt into trouble, whom acquaintances have accused of being proud for not having recognized them at events.

Brad Pitt and his children with Angelina Jolie: How many are they?

Cambodian Maddox was Angelina Jolie’s first. It was 2005 and Brad Pitt joined them. The three were the first of a family that would continue to grow as long as the actors’ marriage lasted. Following Maddox is Zahara, who was born in Ethiopia.

The Vietnamese Pax is third on the list. The three of them, along with Shiloh, Knox, and Vivienne, make up the herd that went up and down, tThey were inseparable until Pitt and Jolie announced their separation in 2016“due to irreconcilable differences”, according to the protagonist of Lara Croft: Tomb Raider.

Since they divorced, the bond has been marked by lawsuits and fights over the custody of the children. It is usual to see the mother with the six adolescents in charity work or in acts related to her profession.

The US press has reported that Pitt has spent more than $1 million on lawyers to get his children legally. As if it were a movie immortalized by two acting heavyweights, the custody fight will apparently only end when all the children are of legal age.

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